Kampar: Day 4.

This is the usual market we always come for breakfast. Didn’t eat much, suffering from indigestion from yesterday.

Hong Kong chee cheong fun.


Pancake with corn and peanut.

There’s a pasar pagi nearby, nothing much to get.

Bought a few stuffs from the grocery shop around the corner from our house – snacks and bubble gum.

Then Papa was telling us about the signboards on every house, it represents the surname of each family. So ya, this will be our signboard.

Lunch was chicken porridge and a dessert.

Our bus was delayed and we got time to settle down for dinner at the market. The curry chee cheong fun from this stall is surprisingly better than the stall in the morning.

This is how they fry kway teow here, seated on a stool.

Squid kang kong was just so-so.

Some interesting drinks.

“Peng da wan”

Egg with herbal tea. Not bad.

And we’re back in Singapore with an extra 2kgs each.

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