Taiwan, Day 7: Shida Night Market

Morning! I mean Good Afternoon!

Lunch at a stall that specializes in duck meat, seems quite popular and it’s open 24 hrs daily.


I ordered a Sha Cha Duck Kway Teow (沙茶鸭果条).

And a duck soup.

Boyfriend had a duck rice set. The steam egg is wonderful! So smooth and full of flavour.

Off to Taipei again.

Took Chu-Kuang train for the first time, slightly cheaper and there’s not much time difference as compared to Tze-Chiang.

I forgot to bring my mrt card and so I had to get this coin looking thing.

We’re off to Shida Night Market (師大路夜市). A place definitely worth visiting for all the food and shopping even though it might not be as affordable as Wu Fen Pu (五分埔) but there are different things you can find.

Visited i-baked by Ivy.

Lots of choices to choose from.

Decided on the Chocolate Marshmallow and Chocolate Chip cookies.

Next, the barbeque scallop stall.

When you bite, the juice oozes out from the scallop. Oh-so-heavenly!

Said ‘hi!’ to Rila.

Tidbits. Some cute and some big.

Our first milk tea in Taiwan.

As big as my face.

And this stall, must be very famous…. look at the crowd. We joined in too.

I want my share too!

Still waiting…


I got a new Sentimental Circus iphone casing! It’s not the real thing of course.

Bought tickets back to Taoyuan which is early…

And so we walked around a little and shops are already closed.

Bought herbal duck soup for supper from the same stall this afternoon again. It’s too good and soothing for this chilly weather.

Added another side dish of stew egg, tofu and seaweed to share.

Love that seaweed!

Apple flavour milk. Yuck! I thought it’s yogurt.

I got this bath salt from Shida Night Market.

Drop it in the bathtub and waited for it to dissolve.

Hi, Shappo!

Taiwan, Day 6: New Year Fireworks!

I believe everyone has been waiting for this post? Hahahha! I’m sorry, I was very busy with work last week. =P

Everyone holding their cameras and mobile phones, getting ready for pictures.

Here it goes!

I animated a part of the pictures I took.

A few of my favourites…

And here’s the full video of the fireworks.


Happy New Year from Taiwan! I look too ugly in this photo.

Be happy always…

We went to the other side where the concert is and squeezed through the crowd a little.

That’s Show Luo on the screen.

We left after a short while. couldn’t stand the crowd. We had a hard time or rather I was the one who had a hard time while trying to get into the train station. We had to queue with the crowd outside the entrance, so literally when the staffs decide to let a certain number of people in… I was lifted up, squashed and pushed to the front. Damn painful, hurt my spine a little. I can’t believe I was so light and easily lifted.

Still got train tickets back to Taoyuan on this very day.

Just queue at the ticketing machine and get it yourself.