Eat: Feng Bo Zhuan

Had a reunion dinner with my ex-colleagues at Feng Bo Zhuan (风波庄) at Chinatown. This restaurant was recommended by a friend of my boyfriend.

It is a wuxia themed restaurant, you’ll see swords, spears, and signboards of different kung fu sects hanging around.

The wooden tables and benches are also designed alike to the restaurants in wuxia shows, but it does get a little uncomfortable for our group as the tables are small and we had to squeeze together.

The waitresses are called, xiao er (小二), and also dressed in the uniform and we were address as, heroes (大侠). The menu is, secret manual (武林秘籍) and the dishes were named after fighting stances from the different wuxia shows.

When the waitress gave us the bowls, she said it was weapons.

Tea as a replacement for wine (以茶代酒).

Here’s what we ordered.

Ma La Tofu.

Stewed PigTrotters which was so good, we ordered another serving.

Stir Fried Pig Intestines.

Bamboo Chicken.

Big Bone Soup.

The Mantou is very soft and fluffy.

Sweet And Sour Pork.

Glass Noodles which was good but we were already full by then.

Some kind of Salted Egg and Tofu Stew, a favourite for the girls.

It was a very satisfying dinner indeed with lots of humor. Thinking back… A waitress dropped a glassware at the back and while everyone was still curious about it, the other waitress shouted, “有刺客!”, which means there is an assassin in the restaurant. We laughed and we actually aren’t curious about the incident anymore.

Feng Bo Zhuan 风波庄
57 Temple Street
Singapore 058602
Tel: +65 6223 3588
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm