malaysia day 4 – penang . coming home . assemble bed frame



Curry mee. Love that they have pig’s blood cake, it’s sad that Singapore no longer allows stalls to sell it. Add curry chilli if you like and it’s not too spicy.

Toast was just planta, dip in sugar. =(


Coming back.


After I was done clearing the luggage, I headed to the new house as I have deliveries from Taobao to receive. Mum came along and helped me to open the packages and shifted some heavy furniture, so that I can assemble some of them after she left.

The is not helping. Fml. Took us so long to figure it out and the parts that we have was different. *Cries* Luckily I’m good at it thanks to Ikea.

malaysia day 3 – cameron highlands to penang

Starting the day at Hong Kong Hotel & Restaurant with curry chicken chee cheong fun (not like kampar’s but still yums) and an iced kopi, somehow we always end up here for breakfast.


Headed to Cactus Point first, didn’t take any pictures because came here a few times already. I bought some packs plant seeds and then went to pang sai. Muahahahaha!

Then it was the market, quite boring because the shops all sell the same kind of stuffs; strawberries, corn, fruits & veggies, cordyceps. I did get my steamed corn here as a snack while on the way to penang.


There’s a tiny amusement park with very cheap rides, great if you have kids. The excavator ride was RM6.00.

Flowers outside, I took these with screenshot while video-calling with Sis. Not bad huh?


Wanted to visited the Lavender Farm but figured that it should the same like the rest of the farms, so we decided to proceed to Penang.


Got this at one of the rest stops once we got to the foot of Cameron Highlands. Overly drenched with sauce. Ewww. Not nice. Lucky it’s only RM2.


Took out my corn, I picked the kernels out one by one and just nice finish everything once we reach our first stop in Penang.


Sat in Joo Hooi Cafe and the shop owners will start coming to you asking if you want to order anything from their stall.

We had the popular Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul. It was refreshing for the hot weather.

Duck egg char kway teow. Yum yum!

Forgot to take picture of the oyster egg omelette but this is the stall.

And Penang Laksa. Woohoo!


Bought some pastries at the bakery beside. The filling in the egg tart is very good; thick and flavourful, crust may be a little dry. Kaya puff is not too sweet. I’ll get more if I come back to Penang next time.


Checked in to the apartment and we got sea view! (Airbnb link here)


Went shopping at Tesco then it was dinner at Presgrave Street Hokkien Prawn Mee, there are also others stalls within the shop.

The soup base is good but I personally find it too spicy for me to enjoy, even my parents couldn’t handle the it. Dad got a headache after.

Wanton mee was a letdown, I ordered large and it was just a huge pile of noodles. Blergh.

Oyster egg omeletter sucks too.

And what’s with all the chilli in all the dishes? =( Got chilli doesn’t mean it’s good. I can only say something is good when they do not use overly spicy chilli, that is when one can truely taste the flavour of the dish.


Hazelnut Luxe Magnum! This is good!

malaysia day 2 – kampar to cameron highlands

Early breakfast to start the day. Ice milo as usual, then there’s wanton soup (not the best but still good) and the fried items (last night’s at the curry chee cheong fun tastes much better).


Off we go to start our first activity of the day.

Tomb sweeping.


Coconut for the hot weather.

Pokemon gym-ed

While Mum waits for us.



We used to bath in here with water from the well, before things start to fall apart. I will go in together with my cousin, each of us will have a scoop of water in our hands and we will splash each other because it takes a lot of courage to pour the first scoop of cold water on ourselves.



Lunch and we weren’t expecting vegetarian food, this place wasn’t vegetarian the last time we visited which is very long ago.


On the road to Cameron Highlands.

Mountain watch. This is where marble tiles from from.


Stopped at a farm, nephew enjoyed strawberry picking.


Dropped our pokemons in a quiet gym.


Got to our rented apartment, didn’t take pictures of the place (Airbnb link here) but here’s my bed for the night.

View outside from the living room.


Went to a small night market, the famous night market is not open today.

Bought ramly burgers but not nice one let. The bread is stale and jelak. Patty quite tasteless too.

Fried chicken was pretty good but I was too full to enjoy it.


Dinner at C Buddy Steamboat
We got the set for RM 49.90, tom yam and clear soup is free. I ordered corn soup which I feel is very nice, have to add on RM 11.90 for it. Think the set is enough to feed 3 to 4 persons.

malaysia day 1 – penang to kampar

Flying off to Penang with parents for our annual tomb sweeping, so glad for Qing Ming, at least I get to go back once every year.


Landed! Now grabbing some snacks and my beloved iced milo (only when in Malaysia) while we wait for the rental cars to come. Kaya toast was stale, rojak tasted just alright.


Yay! I have the whole back car seat for myself, I could lay down and watch the clouds go by.


Lunch first at Super Tanker Food Centre before we head to Kampar. There aren’t a lot of shops open at the time we reach at 4pm.

I recommend this roast meat stall, especially the char siew. You will get a bowl of soup if you are having rice and it’s a very awesome soup even if it’s cooked with leftover scraps.

Char kway teow, awesome. If only you could see how translucent it is.


Always a good thing to be sharing our location, so we know where the cars are.


Dinner before we head home, if not nobody will want to head out for dinner. Hahaha!

I must have my curry chee cheong fun and this stall is only available at night. They have the best fried items to go with your main.

Glutinous rice, don’t forget to add curry sauce.


Bought two bottles of Calpis yogurt drink, Mango and Grape. Mango tastes like orange, Grape tastes mild.

malaysia day 2 – kampar . tomb sweeping . cameron highlands

Up early!


Breakfast. I think I’m having diarrhoea. Haiz. Don’t care, still have to eat.

Iced milo. 👍

The chores have started! Don’t need to be pretty one la. No makeup, don’t care. Lol.

Great grandparents. We only managed to move my grandparents ashes to Singapore, can’t bring great grandparents back because we don’t have their death certs. That’s why we still have to come back here.

Group pic.

Done at the first place.

Second place is a granduncle. He passed away when he was in his teenage years due to sickness? But I heard he did a lot for the family la. Think is grandma say must come de.

Just a little tombstone.

Coconut juice after.

Here’s a house with horses for rental. Lol.


House pets. Hahaha! I used to wake up once I hear the rooster crow in the morning. Now I just think it’s crazy for crowing so early. Hahahaha!

My nephew dare to hold the little chick leh!

Family picture in front of the house.

malaysia day 1 – penang . kampar

At the airport!

Breakfast first. 😋

In plane!!! Landing in an hour? Hehe.

Somebody like never take plane before keep take video. 😂


Oh yay! Landed liao!

Our ride. We rented a car to get around.

Car wefie!


I’ve got data now! ✌


Going to get lunch. Weee~

Then lunch at the famous Penanh laksa place.


Chay kway teow is nice!

The rojak sucks though. The sauce is like… haiz… the Chinese sweet sauce.

Fresh Dragon beard candy!

Nom nom. 😋


Dinner place.

Sorry no pics of yummy food.

But here’s a picture of our must have veggie whenever we are in Malaysia.

Streets are empty when it’s late.

Still must have my supper!!! My favourite chee cheong fun. 😍😍😍

Choose our sides!

Those round flat items at the bottom left is a must have! We cleared everything on the tray. Then the uncle took out more. 🤣

I take-away six packs of curry chee cheong fun with a lot of sides for only 25 ringgit. Omg. So cheap. 😮 I shock. How they make money? But they cannot raise the price also, if not most people won’t be able to afford.

Mmmm… so satisfied.

Woohoo. Here’s my kampung house.

This is what you see in my bedroom, or our bedroom. The whole family shares one room. Sis and I share a single mattress on the floor.

TC thought I was going to stay at a hotel. Hahaha. I love it the way it is.

More supper. My parents were raving about this red dragonfruit, green apple with honey juice. They had two each. 🤣🤣🤣 omg.

Oh. This was what I meant as supper.


Going JB with Mum!

Yay!!! I caught this at the checkpoint. Only open PokemonGo when I’m there because rare place mah. Lol.

First stop!

For my soya bean fix!

Curry chee cheong fun

And carrot cake!


I bought a lot! Yay! I mean it’s so affordable mah! Help economy.

Then we had early dinner.
Cucumber aloe vera green tea.

Crispy eel.

The usual braised pork belly.

Always must have. Egg white with crab meat.

Xiao long bao was alright only.

Salt and pepper tofu.

Vegetarian beancurd skin.

Mango sago pomelo!

Coming home

Managed to feed the cats before coming back to Singapore. The 3rd cat was here but not the 1st. Hmm… seems like the 3rd cat got into a fight, a huge part of the skin at its side is gone, can see the red flesh. Haiyo…

At least it doesn’t look infected. I can’t get near it at all, it will just run off without finishing the food.
#Curry #beehoon! 

I don’t like cockles but if you ever come to Kampar. Must have the curry cockles that’s soaked in the curry chilli sauce, like the little plate of sauce you see at the back.
My 小姑 say must order their #三色奶茶, the very dark brown thing is #GulaMelaka. Very nice lo! 

Next time I wanna use brown sugar to make my #milktea liao. Hahahaha!
Our bus was suppose to come at 10 am but it only came at 12 pm… late for 2 hours!
Seriously… I don’t like asking people to help but if you need certain help, I’ll gladly do it within my means.

If it wasn’t for the fact that everyone else has important things to attend to, I don’t have to ask you at all. Argh! Oh, by the way… I did not ask you for help, why do you have to be so rude to comment for somebody else?

Never mind, it’s over already. Just needed to complain a little.
On the bus for 8 HOURS! It shouldn’t take so long! So sick of the bus already.

大姑, 再见. 一路好走.

Woke up with a swollen finger… can’t even see the folds on my knuckle. Don’t even know what bit me. Argh!
大姑, 再见。一路好走。

Glad that my relatives did not cry too much.
We basically had the same food again, at the same place. 

#RoastMeat from the funeral. Good, tender and juicy. I had a lot of it! SG don’t have such good roast meat leh.

Restaurant Boo Seng
Fried egg.

Restaurant Boo Seng
Sweet and sour pork.

Haiya, don’t want to post so much already. The rest of the food is the same as yesterday and I didn’t take pictures le.
#Chickens at the backyard.
And the #tauhuey (soya beancurd) uncle is here! I hope the fried tofu uncle comes today too.

The uncle packs the tau huey in a bag together with a straw. It’s so smooth and silky, Rochor beancurd can just stand one side.
The best place in the house is right under the fan (another standing fan directed at me) with an ice cream in hand.
We had fun playing with my brother’s motor-bicycle. Wee… but we don’t dare to ride it to town.
It’s finally #raining! Thank goodness, I don’t have to continue sweating anymore.
I just fed the #cats! They gobble up everything really quickly. I was a little sad when I didn’t see them after I got home yesterday.
Dinner was good! #Claypot #chickenrice!

tomb sweeping

Early breakfast at 6am while waiting for my dad to come and fetch us.

There was this mentally unsound guy that keeps looking at us while we were eating. Luckily my dad came not long after.
The best kind of drinks to have here. Iced #coffee and #milo.
There’s 3 #kitties in my kampung house! So cute lo! If I do get to a supermarket later, I’ll get them some food.
#Kitty number 2. The 3rd kitty very shy, don’t know go where hide le.
Little purple furry #flowers, so pretty. 

We have to finish tomb sweeping, and we were asked to help relay the message of my aunt’s passing.
Great grandparents. I’ve never seen them before but visit almost every year.
Had some #coconut juice before we continued getting roasted under the sun.
Lunch time!

Restaurant Boo Seng
Stir fried roast pork. Favorite! They can always fry until the roasted skin is still crispy one.

Restaurant Boo Seng
Favorite veggie! Cannot find this in Singapore.

Restaurant Boo Seng
Marmite pork ribs! Favorite!

Restaurant Boo Seng
This is the best #tofu! Favorite also! Hahahahha!

Restaurant Boo Seng
The real kampung chicken.

Restaurant Boo Seng
Egg! Egg egg egg.

Restaurant Boo Seng
Ok la. Veggie lo. Lol!
Dying due to the heat here. I’m getting roasted.
The moment I don’t wish to see is finally here. The kind of crying for a loved one, exactly like the one when my grandmother passed away… it’s going to happen soon.