in the house . legends

Maggi mee at the new place while waiting for deliveries to come.

Cushions are up. I still have one more pillow but no matching cushion cover.

Messy hair, no makeup.

Somebody came back with food for me! Weeee~!

Gonna shorten the curtains while I’m here too.


Last minute dinner with the peeps at Legends. The chicken chop is nicely grilled and charred. Thumbs up!


chen’s mapo tofu

Back at Chen’s Mapo Tofu again! I like their food but the only problem is that the rice is too sticky and it gets too jelak.

Fried chicken is good but a little expensive for the serving.


Aiyoooo… he so cute. He was sitting in between Dad and me and I was chatting with Dad. He kept looking at Dad, as if he was part of the conversation. 😂

asia grand . ginza barin

Travelled all the way to Asia Grand to have lunch together with Rain. She has staff discount! 😁

This beef stomach looks like honeycomb.


No idea what to have for dinner and we ended up at Ginza Barin because there’s offer if we redeem selected meals via J.Passport.

Missing the oyako don in Kyoto again. 😅


This is yums!

real thai . japan rail cafe

Real Thai.

I ordered the green curry with rice set.

Curry was more sweet than what I’m used to and it was diluted.


Since lunch wasn’t satisfying, we went for desserts at Japan Rail Cafe. The menu comes in a newspaper form with articles about travels in Japan and it changes every month.

I had the brown sugar soy bean powder latte. It was good but too sweet.

Mmm… favorite!

en sakaba

Back at En Sakaba again. I know I should be trying the other items on their menu but the grilled pork cheek gets me every time.

The maguro sashimi is good, the fats are creamy.

A chocolate a day.

TC prepared steamboat for dinner!

wafuken . huggs . pizza maru

Wafuken again because colleague wants to try the wagyu beef, while I had the chicken breast on donburi rice with edamame. The chicken breast was very very tender, not dry at all. Wagyu beef was tender too with a nice smoky touch.

Wafuken last week


Tried the Turmeric Soy Latte at Huggs because there’s no Chai Latte. Nubbad.


My dayima has been asking for pizza since morning, that craving was crazy and I thought I will just settle with a pan-sized from Pizza Hut. TC says my ‘bar dropped’, like why I settle with fastfood pizza. Hahahahha! Walaoeh. I just feel that anything that can satisfy will do.

TC brought me to Pizza Maru instead.

Ordered the Duck Duck Goes Quack Quack and Honey Garlic Fried Chicken.

Mmmmm… craving satisfied. Crust was slightly bready and chewy.

Green tea dough was used for this pizza, can see that it is slightly green.

The fried chicken was very good! Meat was very juicy. Skin very crispy.

wafuken . providore . grapesvine

Wafuken today! Rain has been raving about the steak and I’m finally here.

Smoked duck with potato salad on donburi rice (onsen egg on rice). Smoked duck was quite good. Potato salad can skip. Donburi rice was very comforting.

Oytser blade steak was very good, tender and juicy. Nom Nom. Can see us coming back again soon, bring other colleagues here too.


After lunch coffee at The Providore.


Went The Tuckshop with colleagues but they say the food few doors down at GrapeVine is much better, so here I am. Fish & Chips was just alright, not amazing. White bait quite good. Ok la, not super good food la. Maybe a 7.5 points out of 10?