I will be back!

Can’t believe our trip is ending soon! I’ll miss Taiwan! Though I haven’t been able to do much shopping (luckily I haven’t because I think my luggage is already too much for me to handle) but we have been to many places. It was a fruitful trip. =)

We drop our luggage at the shopping centers near Taipei Main Station, there are lockers provided.

So you see… the price of the lockers. It is about 30 to 50 TWD for 4 hours or something, depending on the size of the locker too.

Went for lunch at the food court, I don’t remember which shopping mall.

They staffs will give you this thing after ordering and you have to collect the food when the alarm goes off.

This is what I ordered and I think it’s value for money as compared to the food here. There’s minced meat rice, pork cutlet, veggies and a soup.

While boyfriend had some spicy korean ramen.

More calpis!

Went to get tickets for the bus.

Agnes b. bunny.

Eventually we got bored of walking around and decided to just proceed to the airport instead.

Chilling at Mr. Brown Cafe.

Ordered a meat ball soup.

As we’re walking to the terminal.

Nice walls.

Waiting for the plane.

Our meals on plane.