Taiwan, Day 10: Long Shan Temple and Beitou

Woke up late and I’m in my new boots, only TWD150 because the shop is closing down.

We going to do some praying at Long Shan Temple (龙山).

Bought our share of joss sticks and the praying starts…

More pictures.

Bought some snacks at the shop next the train station before we’re off to our next stop.

Garlic bread which was quite good and filling.

Pudding! You can get this from the 7-11 stores. I’m simply in love with it.

Hot spring spa at Sun Shine House (阳光瓦舍)! Not the right time to do it when it’s so cold though, that is why there is offer on Groupon.

Behind the door.

This is how the spa room looks like.

Filling the tub with hot spring water.

The water is not really that hot during this season.

To the cafe for our cakes and drinks.

The staffs have already prepared warm water for us. Good service!

There’s only 2 choices of cakes but we can choose most of the drinks from the menu.

Boyfriend went out to take pictures of the scenery while I stayed in because it’s too cold!

Our cakes are here!

Our teas! I like the cranberry apple tea I ordered.

All gone~


We ordered a smoked salmon toast and actually waited for the cook to come back from his break because it looks too good to be missed. We did not regret waiting. If only I could stuff more of it down my tummy…

Very satisfied!

Back to Shilin, since that’s the area we’re staying at.

Tried the fry oyster egg from this stall, it’s the most crowded stall.

I find the red sauce weird, too much cornstarch. Miss the one I had while I was in Hualien.

And this stall always had such a very long queue whenever we passed by and finally while we were passing by today, there’s no queue!

Don’t like it. The leek is too overpowering.