chinese new year family gathering

Another busy day. Not for myself though. 😕


Most of the cousins in one pictures. Some already parents while some of them are still schooling. Lol. Talk about age gap.

And the generation above us. We’re all a combination of two grandfathers, both siblings. This is only the Singapore side. Lol.

By the way. How time flies. All old liao.

Day 40 Sunday, 9 Feb 2014

Steamboat at Kat’s place!
The variety is lesser this time but I think is better because we always over buy then we always cannot finish the extra food.
Cannot miss out ‘louhei’, right? And this could be the last one this year…
I’m so tired… I want to rest more before the valentines day craze starts tomorrow.
Tifa is such a darling today… don’t know why… she keeps coming up on the bed and sits beside me… gets me to sayang her while she just stays there.
She really keeps sticking to me… even while I was putting lotion on my face, or removing nail polish. She will watch me, then jumps down from the bed and lay down beside me. Or even cuter, sit beside my feet and watch me…
Supper! Boyfriend made this! Yogurt with granola and honey syrup. Very yummy! 

Had too much food today, so we decided to get something light.

Although initially, mine wasn’t that sweet and I asked him why the honey taste like there but not there until he showed me his bowl. His bowl got more syrup lo! Made him exchange bowl with me. Hmph!

Day 39 Saturday, 8 Feb 2014

A war just happened at my relative’s place. LOL. Yearly affair… I always make sure I’m not opposite certain ‘war-starters’.
Huat ah!

Shabu Sushi
Meet up with Sarah and Ah Long today for steamboat buffet. We are finally using our Groupon vouchers before it expires next week.

Shabu Sushi
Got quite a good variety of cooked food too. 

Just note that this is a halal steamboat place, so there’s no pork. Most importantly, you don’t have to leave your seats too often to get food. The raw ingredients for steamboat passes by on the conveyor belt, just take what you want.

I kept taking broccoli. LOL!

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert (香港盛記甜品)
Sat down for #desserts after some shopping around, feeling very thirsty after the steamboat… 

And I have already collected my 10 days power pack samples from Clarins.
Okay. I have another ‘getai’ to rush to later. Got to get ready~

Chu Er

 photo 01-selfie.jpg

Ready for CNY visiting! I put on some lipstick today, which was bought long ago. I wanted to get rouge lipstick but boyfriend says it doesn’t suit me. Oh well…

 photo 02-ootd.jpg

So here’s my outfit for today!
Knitted top from Taiwan. Red skirt pants from China bought online. Rebecca Minkoff bag. Converse sneakers.

 photo 03-ootd.jpg

Luckily, a lot of relatives that I didn’t like were not there. But Mum is trying to make me join their gathering tomorrow. Must find excuse to ‘siam’ and leave early!

 photo 04-buffet.jpg

Buffet at Melting Pot, Holiday Inn!

Sis cleared out the salmon sashimi and she proudly say that she got leave 2 pieces for other people behind her at the queue. Lol! Because I told her to take for everybody, so ok la, she did her job well. *Giggles*

 photo 05-buffet.jpg

My happy main! Hahahha! Cute hor. The steak not bad but must choose, some parts very tough.

 photo 06-buffet.jpg

I ‘chope’ the dessert even before I’m done with the mains. I very scared they will run out of the chocolates ones then I don’t eat cheesecakes!

 photo 07-buffet.jpg

Made my own Cold Stone style ice cream. Mixed brownie, chocolate chips and chocolate syrup in chocolate ice cream. Not bad but very sweet.

My Aunt was saying that my Dad likes playing with kids a lot, he keeps playing with my nephew. Then they look at me… ??? Haven’t get married yet, want me up level liao. Straight away give birth ah? So my Dad got grandkid to play with?

Win liao. -_-“

We had our YuSheng. My nephew very cute hor! Huat together with us. Haha!

 photo 08-fam.jpg

Little Lucas very cute hor!!! He suddenly decide to join the front row and squat together with us.

I have to say that he is very pro at photo-bombing too! You really can’t be angry with him. Haha!

 photo 09-fam.jpg

The cousins. This pic also kenna photobombed. Every photo got little Lucas. Haha!

Chu Yi

My relatives came over to visit. (Ps. I woke up at 3pm because I slept at 6am) So we chit chat a little…

I’m going to see them tomorrow again, no pics with them today because I don’t have any make-up on.

 photo 01-nephew.jpg

My nephew kept rolling around on my bed. I dunno why. My bed must be super comfy la. Hahaha. My cousin’s girlfriend was here too, nephew kept going out to lead her back to my room and then continue to roll on my bed until the girlfriend disappears again. And then he goes out to get her back again. Lol lol. Very hum sup hor?

 photo 02-dinner.jpg

Black pepper chicken, steamed fish, ABC soup, stir-fry leek and lettuce. Yumz!

I ate quiet a lot yesterday… even had some Mcdonald’s for supper… I was worried about my weight. I stood on the weighing scale. I was at least half kg LIGHTER. Wth?

Reunion dinner

 photo 01-maggigoreng.jpg

White Maggi Goreng better than the usual Maggi Goreng but a lot of MSG. I was feeling very thirsty after lunch.

 photo 02-steamboat.jpg

Reunion dinner with family!!! ♡♡♡

 photo 03-tifa.jpg

Tifa says Happy New Year to everybody.
No, I don’t get to see her today and I won’t be seeing her for a few day. =(

 photo 04-praypray.jpg

Huat ah! Money god please come my house!

 photo 05-angbao.jpg

Ang bao for my parents! Not a lot la, better than nothing. I know my angbao is not red but it’s cute mah. Hehe.

chinese new year is coming

 photo 02-yawn.png

Don’t know why I’m still so tired after sleeping for so long… and headache…. Argh…

 photo 03-faint.png

Tifa is emo and frightened just now. It’s like she saw something and then quickly hopped in a corner and continue to look around cautiously.

Ran around a bit more and she finally hid behind the cage. Thump a few times when boyfriend tried to comfort her.

Slowly calmed down after giving her treats. She finally came out after boyfriend walk away. Then she’s okay already. Running around me asking for her favorite pellets.

Hmm… did Chobi come back to scare her or what?

 photo 04-emptyfridge.jpg

I… first time see supermarket frozen food area empty out until like that. o.0

 photo 01-bean.jpg

What is this super huge flat-pea looking thing?

 photo 05-specialoffer.jpg

And the CNY snacks are selling at $3 and above. Huge offer! My dad keep sweeping them off the shelves. My mum opened a container of pea cookies to try and dad says it’s nice and he went back in to buy 2 more. Die le, die. Those fats…

Kampar: Day 4.

This is the usual market we always come for breakfast. Didn’t eat much, suffering from indigestion from yesterday.

Hong Kong chee cheong fun.


Pancake with corn and peanut.

There’s a pasar pagi nearby, nothing much to get.

Bought a few stuffs from the grocery shop around the corner from our house – snacks and bubble gum.

Then Papa was telling us about the signboards on every house, it represents the surname of each family. So ya, this will be our signboard.

Lunch was chicken porridge and a dessert.

Our bus was delayed and we got time to settle down for dinner at the market. The curry chee cheong fun from this stall is surprisingly better than the stall in the morning.

This is how they fry kway teow here, seated on a stool.

Squid kang kong was just so-so.

Some interesting drinks.

“Peng da wan”

Egg with herbal tea. Not bad.

And we’re back in Singapore with an extra 2kgs each.

Kampar: Day 3. It’s all food.

Breakfast has to be my all time favourite curry chee cheong fun.

Wanton noodles.

Look at how thin the wanton skin is, you have to slurp it.

Assam laksa.

Glutinous rice.

Crispy pancake.

Then for some soya beancurd at the roadside stall.

So much better than Rochor beancurd.

Did a little shopping around…And it’s time to eat again. -.-“

Chendol. Real handmade chendol without artificial colouring.

And refreshing coconut juice.

It’s bigger than my head! I think.

Asam laksa!

Oh-so-good! Thumbs up!

Visiting our auntie, sis and i went to get some fried sweet potatoes. You really have to wait because this uncle has got a lot of customers. Good food takes time to prepare, especially when this old uncle has nobody to help him.

He drop one on the floor accidentally and you can hear it go ‘crack’ and the fried flour comes off. So you can imagine how crispy it is.

Dinner was just a plain mee tai mak with tofu. Ate too much today.

Kampar: Day 2.

One of the usual places for breakfast, they have the best curry soup noodles here.

The chilli may look very oily but it’s good. It’s curry chilli, oh-so-fragrant and shiok!

My dry kway teow with the condiments at the back.

Iced milo.

All gone!

Did some shopping at Tesco.

Celebrated my auntie’s birthday at Secret Recipe.

Then for some praying at the house just 1 street away from ours.

Got home and did quite a massive search in my grandparent’s room.

An old Sharp TV console, I wanna have that.

Vintage radio.

Play cards.

Old coins.

Pretty beaded purse.

Yale lock.



My parent’s wedding invitation card.

And of course, a lot of old photos too. We definitely did took time to look through them.

My handsome daddy carrying my grandma up Genting’s stairs.

Favourite fried tofu. The seller will ride a motorbike and stop in front of the house to sell. Yum!

Dinner wasn’t amazing, still Chinese New Year and a lot of stalls aren’t open yet.