taiwan day 2 – taipei . wufenpu . zhu di fresh fish . shilin night market

Why so expensiveeeeee? Haiz. I shall eat make and eat normal cakes for now.


I’m so lagging in updates right now. Too much photos because of Everland and I was too tired as the bed in Seoul wasn’t comfortable. But no worries, I’ll try to catch up. Sort of. Cause the bed in Taipei now is pretty good and I finally have flat pillow! Say bye bye to neck pains! (Although still pain la because of previous hotels)

I’ll just keep posting photos first, add my comments after that when I have more time. 👌


Breakfast again! 😂

Although the spread here is quite good but quality wise… Japan is better. Lol. This french toast is overfried until dry and tough. (My poor ulcer.)

Must eat lots of veggies and they have sunny-side-up!

Awesome ru rou fan. Omg… looks at those yummy pieces of fats.

Even tofu also nice.

Awesome duck egg.

Nice but my ulcer too painful to appreciate.

Truly generous tau huey! 😋


Wu Fen Pu
The thing about this place is that the clothes are cheap but also risky. Although I did try to filter the clothes that could fit me but when I go back to the hotel to try… confirm still will have problems. End up still need to alter. Sian. 😧 Like waste money right… might as well pay a bit more to get something better.

But I did buy my pair of rose gold sneakers here! Not cheap though, pretty can le.


I really need to do something about that ulcer. Very desperate.

Shun bian buy my eyeliners. Very cheap okay! So must stock up. I don’t know when TC will be coming again for work.


Zhu Di Fresh Fish (築地鮮魚)
TC says the chirasi don here is cheap and good and it’s very near our hotel.

Looks legit. Lol.

Free flow soup and tea!

Look at mine. There’s so many things inside. 😲 I think the fish not super duper fresh because got a bit fishy smell but really better than nothing. There’s no way I can keep flying to Tsukiji Market just to eat this.




Shilin Night Market
Other than Shida Night Market, this place ranks second. Maybe because we used to stay beside here. Clothes bought here can be pretty cheap and good too. I bought 3 dresses here and they all fit well!


I like sausage in glutinous rice but my ulcer is begging me to stop. 😭 Stupid ulcer, I hate you.

taiwan day 1 – taipei . ximending . oven coffee . shida night market

Yes, we have left Seoul and we’re back in Taipei!
Seoul is great but food wise is nothing very amazing to me, that’s my opinion la. They are crazy with cheesy stuff, not me. I don’t like spicy stuff too and their chilli is the same on every single thing. Fried chicken is yummy and can hardly go wrong. Most of their food is starchy; very high in carbs and it’s difficult to get a balanced diet.

Shopping is great; the clothes, skincare… you’ll get it.
The thing about skincare – it’s everywhere. After visiting Korea, I don’t feel so bad about my skin anymore. I feel that most of the girls in Korea have low self-esteem shown on all of their faces. Their makeup is so thick until it can be quite scary; face very white but the body is of a darker shade, almost like wearing a mask. It’s obvious that they are not comfortable in their own skin. It’s sad because they are trying to be somebody that they are not. 😯


Damn dayima. Why? Why do you have to come now?
That also explains my swollen face. 💣


Our hotel room!

Got bathtub but cannot use. 😭

We got nice view from here but too bad Taipei 101 will no longer have fireworks for New Year countdown.

Fill up our hungry stomachs with cakes we got from Paris Baguette first.


Oyster omelette, carrot cake and iced tea. 😋

Then it’s time for some grilled mochi. I always ask for 醍醐照烧 (I think it’s teriyaki)

Such a simple and yummy thing.


Seriously… this is the first time I’ve seen the Ximending red house, even though it’s just opposite.

The guys wants some coffee and we ended up here at Oven Coffee. There was another which he wants to try but they were fully booked, it’s called Men-Cady.

Thanks 大姨妈 for making me swell.

By the way, I got more Sylvannian Family capsule toys! Yay!

Can’t remember very well but I think I ordered a hot orange milk tea, sort of. It was good.

And a marshmallow waffle! I did expect them to roast the marshmallow, a bit sad when I saw this. The marshmallow did become soft and it was nice, just that it will be even better if the marshmallow was roasted. 😳


Shida Night Market
Shida is one of my favourite places to shop at. Things here may not be the cheapest but you can find unique designs. And there are lots of good street food here.

Must buy 生煎包 when at Shida Night Market!

Woohoo! My must-have every time I’m in Taiwan! Even though I have a huge ulcer in my mouth and I can only eat in small little bites, I will still eat you all. 😍

Time to cool my heaty body with bittergourd juice

Nice sausage stall, not too sweet and can taste the meaty juices. 👍


Apparently this is very good, the queue is very long.

Tadaa. Actually quite close to blackball leh, so don’t ask me to compare.

transit: taiwan taoyuan to japan okinawa

Good morning from Taiwan! I didn’t manage to sleep well during the flight. The lady beside me kept moving and kept fiddling with plastic bags, she was so so so noisy and inconsiderate. The seat is simply uncomfortable even though we topped up for more leg space.

Anyways! I had the egg mantou I have been craving for ever since I had it 2 years ago. The mantou so big and it’s only 25NTD. The stall is, Mai’s, inside the Airport’s foodcourt.

How do they make something so simple, so yummy? The fluffy mantou and fried egg with sauce that tasted like it’s just soy sauce but I wasn’t able to replicate it. Even the guy approves. 😋


Left our luggages at the Luggage Deposit Booth, so that we could go around easily. Very cheap, 100 NTD per day for 25kg. Eh shit. we never check whether if it’s per luggage. Lol.

We’re going to Taoyuan Train Station now, 36NTD per person. Just have to change coins here, if you don’t have enough. Then head to platform 14 or 15 to take the bus.

Can’t post 360° images here. So this will do for now. Lol.


Now having brekkie no. 2 at Family Mart!

Egg salad looking good. 188 kcal.

“Ha mu” onigiri. 😆 269 kcal. I only had one. Lol.


I am back with more food. Lol. Lol. Because I’m not suppose to be shopping today, so only keep eating small small meals.

We’re back to this humble little duck soup stall that we came 5 years ago. Lol.

Really small shop, the stall / kitchen is just next door. They used to be outside the shop.

More details here.

Duck soup! I ordered the wrong one, it should be the Tang Gui Duck Soup. Haiya, nevermind… this is good too.

Appetisers. 😋

Sesame oil and ginger pig’s liver. Damn good. I dunno how they can cook until it’s still soft and tender but there’s no blood.


Chilled at Starbucks with a honey roll cake and some drinks. Nice but a bit dry.


And now we’re back at the airport having tauhuey while waiting for our flight to Okinawa.

Waiting to board now.


We’re at Okinawa!!!
We landed at the budget terminal, so we had to get out of the plane. The stewardess told everyone not to stop and take pictures. We whipped out our Theta instead. So here’s the plane! Again the 360° would be even more awesome if you can see it here.

Another quick picture of the budget terminal. What’s more amazing is that there’s no conveyor belt here, so we just stood around to wait for the airport staff to push our luggages out one by one.

Waiting for the monorail! Okinawa doesn’t have trains and you can only travel 1/4 of Okinawa using it.

Inside the monorail.

Here’s how the ticket looks like. You scan the QR code with the ticket facing down at the gantry.


We’re pretty tired already. It was raining when we reach Okinawa, we had to hold on to our umbrellas while lugging our luggages to the hotel. Checked in. Drop our stuffs.

I was so hungry, I didn’t even bother to take pictures of the room. It’s super tight and squeezy anyway.

Most of the stops are closed when we got out to find a place to eat around our area. Anywhere will do, I’m so hungry… Anything will taste nice.

Woooo… the toast looks good.

When the food was served… I was like, “Shit. The food here looks like Saizeriya.” If you know me, I only had Saizeriya once and I condemned them. They serve disgustingly cold food. Luckily, the food was warm and the hamburger was quite tender and good for it’s price.

The guy’s pork chop was tough. Lol.


Going to bed. We cannot stand it anymore. Still cursing the girl beside me on the flight to Taipei. Luckily we still managed to have short naps on other transports. 😪

I will be back!

Can’t believe our trip is ending soon! I’ll miss Taiwan! Though I haven’t been able to do much shopping (luckily I haven’t because I think my luggage is already too much for me to handle) but we have been to many places. It was a fruitful trip. =)

We drop our luggage at the shopping centers near Taipei Main Station, there are lockers provided.

So you see… the price of the lockers. It is about 30 to 50 TWD for 4 hours or something, depending on the size of the locker too.

Went for lunch at the food court, I don’t remember which shopping mall.

They staffs will give you this thing after ordering and you have to collect the food when the alarm goes off.

This is what I ordered and I think it’s value for money as compared to the food here. There’s minced meat rice, pork cutlet, veggies and a soup.

While boyfriend had some spicy korean ramen.

More calpis!

Went to get tickets for the bus.

Agnes b. bunny.

Eventually we got bored of walking around and decided to just proceed to the airport instead.

Chilling at Mr. Brown Cafe.

Ordered a meat ball soup.

As we’re walking to the terminal.

Nice walls.

Waiting for the plane.

Our meals on plane.

Taiwan, Day 10: Long Shan Temple and Beitou

Woke up late and I’m in my new boots, only TWD150 because the shop is closing down.

We going to do some praying at Long Shan Temple (龙山).

Bought our share of joss sticks and the praying starts…

More pictures.

Bought some snacks at the shop next the train station before we’re off to our next stop.

Garlic bread which was quite good and filling.

Pudding! You can get this from the 7-11 stores. I’m simply in love with it.

Hot spring spa at Sun Shine House (阳光瓦舍)! Not the right time to do it when it’s so cold though, that is why there is offer on Groupon.

Behind the door.

This is how the spa room looks like.

Filling the tub with hot spring water.

The water is not really that hot during this season.

To the cafe for our cakes and drinks.

The staffs have already prepared warm water for us. Good service!

There’s only 2 choices of cakes but we can choose most of the drinks from the menu.

Boyfriend went out to take pictures of the scenery while I stayed in because it’s too cold!

Our cakes are here!

Our teas! I like the cranberry apple tea I ordered.

All gone~


We ordered a smoked salmon toast and actually waited for the cook to come back from his break because it looks too good to be missed. We did not regret waiting. If only I could stuff more of it down my tummy…

Very satisfied!

Back to Shilin, since that’s the area we’re staying at.

Tried the fry oyster egg from this stall, it’s the most crowded stall.

I find the red sauce weird, too much cornstarch. Miss the one I had while I was in Hualien.

And this stall always had such a very long queue whenever we passed by and finally while we were passing by today, there’s no queue!

Don’t like it. The leek is too overpowering.


Taiwan, Day 9: Gold Museum and Juifen Old Street.

We will be going to Jiufen (九份) today. Just go to the bus stop near Zhongxiao Fuxing (忠孝复兴) MRT Station and take bus 1062.

The bus tickets. Return them to the bus conductor when you are getting down the bus.

This will be the stop if you are going to the Gold Museum.

It was raining and since a guide was asking if we wanted to view the history of the place in the old Japanese house, we gladly went in.

And we were given a tour in the old Japanese house which has been rebuilt before with it’s original materials as much as possible. The pictures are a little blur, as it was dim inside.

Don’t you like the rocking house?

Going up… and still raining…

Got in a cafe to hide from the rain again…

We ordered a sesame oil chicken which was very oily but oh-so-very-good!

And a bento lunch, you can just bring this whole set home. The whole thing is just too pretty!

I really really love all the pork chop rice in Taiwan. Why is it that all of them can cook so well?

Walked deeper into the place.

Boyfriend showing off how good his newly bought umbrella is, truly flexible.

At the Gold Museum.

The biggest block of gold in the whole world, too heavy to carry around.

Some gold mining machines.

Outside the museum. I wanted to go to the place when I could do some gold mining or rather sand washing myself, and then they will store it in a glass bottle for you to bring home. But the place is already closed when we got there. =(

Jiufen Old Street, just take bus 1062 and go back down.

The travel guide states that the Red Wine Vegetarian Meat Ball (红糟素肉圆) here is good.

We shared one and it was good. Chewy and bouncy skin with generous fillings.

There’s an artist whom likes to create lots of masks, he has all his artworks in this gallery.

Too many of them, I wouldn’t want to scare all of you away, so I better not put all the pictures here.

A few shops away, there is this place which you just have to pay a certain fee and you are free to use all the props inside to take pictures. Nobody was there when we went in and we kind of got in free.

Back to Shilin Night Market and this Minced Shrimp Cone looks interesting to try.

It definitely was good and there was a lot of fillings inside.

Finally going to get the Ah Zong Mee Sua (阿宗面线)!

We loved it! Be aware that there is no oysters inside but big intestines.

We not sleeping early and I asked boyfriend to go down and get some cup noodles. I loved how they have big chunks of meat inside.

Taiwan, Day 8: A380, Mirarmar and Shilin Night Market

Next stop! To the place where this voucher will lead me to and I brought it from the Taiwan’s Groupon site.

There! It’s right there! The one with the blue lightbox, A380 空中厨房.

We didn’t call to make any reservations, which we should but I totally forgot about it. I asked whether if we could still dine in even if we didn’t make reservations (the restaurant looked kind of empty since it was still early) and the lady was kind enough to let us in. Yeah!


We can only choose from the menu here, which was good enough.

They even have got in-flight souvenirs.

First, the salad with fresh and crispy lettuce.

Cream of pumpkin. Quite good.


And the butter rolls which came with the soup was… well, empty. Hahaha! But it was alright, butter is still not my kind of food.

Here comes my Enormous Steak and that was really big.

I think it’s as big as my face. The steak was tender and juicy, even though they didn’t ask how well do I like it to be.

Then, boyfriend’s French-style Spring Chicken with Herbs. Whole chicken.

My flower tea has a lot of foam in it, I wonder why.

By the time we got to dessert, both of us were like ‘argh’, I don’t have much space for the cake anymore.

The meal is pretty enjoyable, I would say. =)

Next, Mirarmar.

To the ferris wheel!

Ticketing booth.

Bought our tickets. Again, get your discount if you have the Youth Travel Card.

And we’re given a pair of Haagen-Dazs discount coupons.

We waited very long for our turn because we wanted to take the totally see through cabin. There was only two cabin in the whole ferris wheel, so you could just imagine how long we waited for.

This is the normal cabin.

And that is the see through.

Finally in! After about 2 hours of long wait.

Up we go.

Too dark inside.

Ice-cream at Haagen-Dazs after our ride. =)

Did a little shopping around and I bought my bath salts from Muji and bubble bath sugar from Lush.

Finally to Shilin Night Market (市林夜市)!

Of course, we went to buy a lot of food back to our hostel for supper.

This is where the Night Market has moved to.

The fried chicken cutlet at Hot Star Large Fried Chicken (豪大大鸡排).

There was a lot of people queuing for this, 老市林大饼包小饼, so it must be good.

The lady will crush the fried cookie which could be salty or sweet and then wrap it with a flour skin together with other ingredients.

A lot of different flavours.

And so, this is how it looks like inside.

I haven’t shown all of you how my hostel looks like. It’s called Fun Taipei Backpackers Hostel and I booked it at Hostelworld. I would recommended booking it from the owner directly if possible, if not you will have to pay another 10% by booking from the hostel sites.

The room is cosy, clean and the decor was great.

There’s even a huge fridge and TV. The hostel we stay at Hualien only had the very basic amenities.

Dresser and wardrobe.

The bathroom isn’t as comparable but it has got a bathtub. Yeah!

Bedroom slippers provided, good for those freezing tiles in the bathroom.

Taiwan, Day 8: Flower Expo.

We moved from Taoyuan to Taipei and our hostel is going to be just opposite Shilin Night Market. Just how wonderful is that going to be?

Yes! Shilin Night Market station!

We got to the hostel early and a lady was still cleaning the room, we just left our luggages in the room and left for the expo which we saw while the train was passing by. I think it was like one or two stops before Shilin?

You’ll see planes flying pass, across the sky.

The Flower Bllom Art exhibition was available and it just happens to be something I would love to see.

Bought a pair of tickets at the counter, enjoy a discount if you have the Youth Travel Card.

The tickets.

The whole expo is pretty big.

Going in!

This lady greeted us at the entrance.

Xmas tree.

Talk less, more pictures. Use two different cameras, hence the colour and quality difference but you’ll get more angles. I was using my Canon Powershot E1 while boyfriend is using my Panasonic LX-5.

That’s a lot of pictures, right? Wait, it’s not half of it yet. Haha!

Cow on the loose!

Love these roses!

I still don’t think these rainbow roses are pretty.


Love the colour combination of these flowers.

This is a cute one.

This makes me dream of a yellow wedding.

Finally… done with the exhibition and out to the garden outside the expo.

Lots of flowers around the garden! Happy me!

I have no idea what is the name of these flowers.

Sunflowers too.

I better stop here for now, too many images in one post. I’ll continue in the next post. =)

Taiwan, Day 7: Shida Night Market

Morning! I mean Good Afternoon!

Lunch at a stall that specializes in duck meat, seems quite popular and it’s open 24 hrs daily.


I ordered a Sha Cha Duck Kway Teow (沙茶鸭果条).

And a duck soup.

Boyfriend had a duck rice set. The steam egg is wonderful! So smooth and full of flavour.

Off to Taipei again.

Took Chu-Kuang train for the first time, slightly cheaper and there’s not much time difference as compared to Tze-Chiang.

I forgot to bring my mrt card and so I had to get this coin looking thing.

We’re off to Shida Night Market (師大路夜市). A place definitely worth visiting for all the food and shopping even though it might not be as affordable as Wu Fen Pu (五分埔) but there are different things you can find.

Visited i-baked by Ivy.

Lots of choices to choose from.

Decided on the Chocolate Marshmallow and Chocolate Chip cookies.

Next, the barbeque scallop stall.

When you bite, the juice oozes out from the scallop. Oh-so-heavenly!

Said ‘hi!’ to Rila.

Tidbits. Some cute and some big.

Our first milk tea in Taiwan.

As big as my face.

And this stall, must be very famous…. look at the crowd. We joined in too.

I want my share too!

Still waiting…


I got a new Sentimental Circus iphone casing! It’s not the real thing of course.

Bought tickets back to Taoyuan which is early…

And so we walked around a little and shops are already closed.

Bought herbal duck soup for supper from the same stall this afternoon again. It’s too good and soothing for this chilly weather.

Added another side dish of stew egg, tofu and seaweed to share.

Love that seaweed!

Apple flavour milk. Yuck! I thought it’s yogurt.

I got this bath salt from Shida Night Market.

Drop it in the bathtub and waited for it to dissolve.

Hi, Shappo!

Taiwan, Day 6: New Year Fireworks!

I believe everyone has been waiting for this post? Hahahha! I’m sorry, I was very busy with work last week. =P

Everyone holding their cameras and mobile phones, getting ready for pictures.

Here it goes!

I animated a part of the pictures I took.

A few of my favourites…

And here’s the full video of the fireworks.


Happy New Year from Taiwan! I look too ugly in this photo.

Be happy always…

We went to the other side where the concert is and squeezed through the crowd a little.

That’s Show Luo on the screen.

We left after a short while. couldn’t stand the crowd. We had a hard time or rather I was the one who had a hard time while trying to get into the train station. We had to queue with the crowd outside the entrance, so literally when the staffs decide to let a certain number of people in… I was lifted up, squashed and pushed to the front. Damn painful, hurt my spine a little. I can’t believe I was so light and easily lifted.

Still got train tickets back to Taoyuan on this very day.

Just queue at the ticketing machine and get it yourself.