kyushu pancake cafe

It’s satisfy pancake craving day! We’re back at Kyushu Pancake Cafe.

Egg benedict pancakes, I think I still prefer the croque monsieur.

I wanted chocolate banana french toast but we got the waffle instead, we could have ordered wrongly or they got the wrong order. Oh well.


Ordered our mattress from Tilam King, the latex option from the luxury series.


Haven’t had Astons for a long time, think the serving is smaller now? Or, it depends on which outlet we are at?


I gave birth to a rabbit.

just dough . mos burger

Kiss and cuddling Tifa, while she licks my armpit. πŸ˜‚


Haven’t had Mala Xiang Guo at Raffles City for quite some time. Craving satisfied!


Here at the Fountain of Wealth to battle at the Pokemon gym. Hahaha!
Managed to catch a Shiny Lugia. Woohoo! Lucky!

Tourist circling in the middle after the waterfall has stopped.

From Wikipedia:
It is claimed that visitors to Suntec City, who walk around the central base of the Fountain three times and touching the water at all times, would gain some good luck of their own.


The mantou from Just Dough looks so fluffy! You can walk in and get piping hot mantous instead of the room temperature ones displayed on shelves. $1.20 each.


Mos Burger’s keema curry chicken katsu rice burger this time. πŸ‘

i love my rabbit

It’s one of the “Dang! I’m so lucky to have her”-kind of moment.

#dayrepet #tifarabbit


I’m trying to import all my posts from Dayre right now but I’m sure whether it’s working because the number of posts is not increasing. The server may be having a difficult time right now because a lot of people are trying to export their posts at the same time.

Although I already have everything backed up but I still hope that it’s easily available for myself to refer back. I do look back at my posts when I want can’t remember what I’ve done, or where I have eaten before.


Tried the rum fill candy from Ireland, it’s interesting. Doesn’t really taste like rum to me, more like Choya because it has this sour plum taste.

Onigiri for lunch again. Somehow I don’t mind having this everyday for lunch for these few days.

Cooked noodles to eat with Mum’s leftover pengcai. Yum.


Everyone must go home and eat with your family okay! I love snacking all the way until 4am but this year it’s going to be different for me.

I rushed home from work to cook mala xiang guo for a quick reunion lunch at home.

It’s dinner time! With TC and his Mum. Just some simple dishes; roast chicken, roast pork, steam fish and abalone. Didn’t eat a lot though because I was still full due to lunch.

Here’s Tifa in a ‘comfortable’ pose? πŸ˜… She hasn’t been moving for quite some time already.

reno updates

Fell sick. Sore throat is here. 😷 Pain until I can’t sleep or I was woken up by it. Haiz.

Went to see the doctor, came back and saw this. Tifa is ‘dead’ asleep. Lol lol.

Tifa is sleeping


Porridge is comfort for the throat.

Minced pork & peanut congee

Visited the house, more carpentary is up today.

Bedroom wardrobe 😍. So massive, I love it. And the lights are perfect.

Drawers for the kitchen cabinets too.

Can’t wait for it to be completed!

We have also started to move some things in. Mostly kitchen appliances, and cleaning tools. Going to arrange for the TV to come too.

#dayrehomes #pipilabiHQ

Dinnering at the house now. To prosperity! (Without the top bun) 😁

Need to find time and start loading up all my past dayre posts here. 😣

tifa the shunk . jinjja chicken . reno updates . bernice the new cat

Tifa has been shedding and this is the result after I’ve been removing her fur.Β πŸ˜‚Β She looks like a skunk now.



Lunch at Northpoint City before we head over to our house to check on the renovation progress.

There’s a promo going on at Jinjja Chicken until 28 Feb, $9.90 for 12 wings, usual price is $14.90. Added on the tteokbokki fries ($4.50) and a shikhye drink ($3.30), a traditional Korean beverage made with barley malt powder and rice.

It’s good and I think the food is quite on par with Four Fingers and I really like the drink.



At the house checking on the progress. The paints are here, ready to start painting anytime soon.


The kitchen carpentry is starting to come in, can’t wait to start cooking meals in here! 🀀



Saw the milk tea flavoured water in Cheers. It really tastes like milk tea leh! What sorcery is this?



Headed to Sarah’s place. Our main objective is to see Bernice, the newly adopted cat. Haha! She so fun to play with and I found a way to ‘walk’ her.Β πŸ˜‚


We ate non-stop too. *burp*



new office

Company has moved to a new office. Don’t know why we need to celebrate the moved.

I don’t like the new office though, I got drenched while walking over from the train station.Β Why the lack of shelters in CBD area??? 😭😭😭



Tried the mala xiang guo at Suntec’s Food Republic.Β It’s not nice but cheap though. We have around 4 kinds of meat and it totaled to $17.90 but I won’t be back la. Lol. Not fragrant. Quite salty.



It’s time. I pulled out 5 handfuls and the one in the pic is only the first handful. πŸ˜₯

Tifa is not harmed during the process. It’s all loose and I don’t even have to use strength. She even enjoys it but not when I molest her butt. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ




reno updates

Strict diet. Fitness pal is coming back.


Saw this on 9gag, so here goes…

For Christmas I want a lot to be said for a very long never eat apple pie already been in my phone and had a durian pancake too sweet for me tomorrow during work sia and the cashier was just screaming at every single thing is a very long time ago and found out she likes the cooling floor…

πŸ˜‘ Does this even make sense?


Collected enough stamps to get one full meal from MOS Burger; a burger, fried chicken and a bottle of ayataka. ✌
Now I just hope that I win the lucky draw.


Finalised the colours for the cabinets!


Sticky girl.