Taiwan, Day 8: A380, Mirarmar and Shilin Night Market

Next stop! To the place where this voucher will lead me to and I brought it from the Taiwan’s Groupon site.

There! It’s right there! The one with the blue lightbox, A380 空中厨房.

We didn’t call to make any reservations, which we should but I totally forgot about it. I asked whether if we could still dine in even if we didn’t make reservations (the restaurant looked kind of empty since it was still early) and the lady was kind enough to let us in. Yeah!


We can only choose from the menu here, which was good enough.

They even have got in-flight souvenirs.

First, the salad with fresh and crispy lettuce.

Cream of pumpkin. Quite good.


And the butter rolls which came with the soup was… well, empty. Hahaha! But it was alright, butter is still not my kind of food.

Here comes my Enormous Steak and that was really big.

I think it’s as big as my face. The steak was tender and juicy, even though they didn’t ask how well do I like it to be.

Then, boyfriend’s French-style Spring Chicken with Herbs. Whole chicken.

My flower tea has a lot of foam in it, I wonder why.

By the time we got to dessert, both of us were like ‘argh’, I don’t have much space for the cake anymore.

The meal is pretty enjoyable, I would say. =)

Next, Mirarmar.

To the ferris wheel!

Ticketing booth.

Bought our tickets. Again, get your discount if you have the Youth Travel Card.

And we’re given a pair of Haagen-Dazs discount coupons.

We waited very long for our turn because we wanted to take the totally see through cabin. There was only two cabin in the whole ferris wheel, so you could just imagine how long we waited for.

This is the normal cabin.

And that is the see through.

Finally in! After about 2 hours of long wait.

Up we go.

Too dark inside.

Ice-cream at Haagen-Dazs after our ride. =)

Did a little shopping around and I bought my bath salts from Muji and bubble bath sugar from Lush.

Finally to Shilin Night Market (市林夜市)!

Of course, we went to buy a lot of food back to our hostel for supper.

This is where the Night Market has moved to.

The fried chicken cutlet at Hot Star Large Fried Chicken (豪大大鸡排).

There was a lot of people queuing for this, 老市林大饼包小饼, so it must be good.

The lady will crush the fried cookie which could be salty or sweet and then wrap it with a flour skin together with other ingredients.

A lot of different flavours.

And so, this is how it looks like inside.

I haven’t shown all of you how my hostel looks like. It’s called Fun Taipei Backpackers Hostel and I booked it at Hostelworld. I would recommended booking it from the owner directly if possible, if not you will have to pay another 10% by booking from the hostel sites.

The room is cosy, clean and the decor was great.

There’s even a huge fridge and TV. The hostel we stay at Hualien only had the very basic amenities.

Dresser and wardrobe.

The bathroom isn’t as comparable but it has got a bathtub. Yeah!

Bedroom slippers provided, good for those freezing tiles in the bathroom.

Taiwan, Day 8: Flower Expo.

We moved from Taoyuan to Taipei and our hostel is going to be just opposite Shilin Night Market. Just how wonderful is that going to be?

Yes! Shilin Night Market station!

We got to the hostel early and a lady was still cleaning the room, we just left our luggages in the room and left for the expo which we saw while the train was passing by. I think it was like one or two stops before Shilin?

You’ll see planes flying pass, across the sky.

The Flower Bllom Art exhibition was available and it just happens to be something I would love to see.

Bought a pair of tickets at the counter, enjoy a discount if you have the Youth Travel Card.

The tickets.

The whole expo is pretty big.

Going in!

This lady greeted us at the entrance.

Xmas tree.

Talk less, more pictures. Use two different cameras, hence the colour and quality difference but you’ll get more angles. I was using my Canon Powershot E1 while boyfriend is using my Panasonic LX-5.

That’s a lot of pictures, right? Wait, it’s not half of it yet. Haha!

Cow on the loose!

Love these roses!

I still don’t think these rainbow roses are pretty.


Love the colour combination of these flowers.

This is a cute one.

This makes me dream of a yellow wedding.

Finally… done with the exhibition and out to the garden outside the expo.

Lots of flowers around the garden! Happy me!

I have no idea what is the name of these flowers.

Sunflowers too.

I better stop here for now, too many images in one post. I’ll continue in the next post. =)