malaysia day 2 – kampar to cameron highlands

Early breakfast to start the day. Ice milo as usual, then there’s wanton soup (not the best but still good) and the fried items (last night’s at the curry chee cheong fun tastes much better).


Off we go to start our first activity of the day.

Tomb sweeping.


Coconut for the hot weather.

Pokemon gym-ed

While Mum waits for us.



We used to bath in here with water from the well, before things start to fall apart. I will go in together with my cousin, each of us will have a scoop of water in our hands and we will splash each other because it takes a lot of courage to pour the first scoop of cold water on ourselves.



Lunch and we weren’t expecting vegetarian food, this place wasn’t vegetarian the last time we visited which is very long ago.


On the road to Cameron Highlands.

Mountain watch. This is where marble tiles from from.


Stopped at a farm, nephew enjoyed strawberry picking.


Dropped our pokemons in a quiet gym.


Got to our rented apartment, didn’t take pictures of the place (Airbnb link here) but here’s my bed for the night.

View outside from the living room.


Went to a small night market, the famous night market is not open today.

Bought ramly burgers but not nice one let. The bread is stale and jelak. Patty quite tasteless too.

Fried chicken was pretty good but I was too full to enjoy it.


Dinner at C Buddy Steamboat
We got the set for RM 49.90, tom yam and clear soup is free. I ordered corn soup which I feel is very nice, have to add on RM 11.90 for it. Think the set is enough to feed 3 to 4 persons.

malaysia day 1 – penang to kampar

Flying off to Penang with parents for our annual tomb sweeping, so glad for Qing Ming, at least I get to go back once every year.


Landed! Now grabbing some snacks and my beloved iced milo (only when in Malaysia) while we wait for the rental cars to come. Kaya toast was stale, rojak tasted just alright.


Yay! I have the whole back car seat for myself, I could lay down and watch the clouds go by.


Lunch first at Super Tanker Food Centre before we head to Kampar. There aren’t a lot of shops open at the time we reach at 4pm.

I recommend this roast meat stall, especially the char siew. You will get a bowl of soup if you are having rice and it’s a very awesome soup even if it’s cooked with leftover scraps.

Char kway teow, awesome. If only you could see how translucent it is.


Always a good thing to be sharing our location, so we know where the cars are.


Dinner before we head home, if not nobody will want to head out for dinner. Hahaha!

I must have my curry chee cheong fun and this stall is only available at night. They have the best fried items to go with your main.

Glutinous rice, don’t forget to add curry sauce.


Bought two bottles of Calpis yogurt drink, Mango and Grape. Mango tastes like orange, Grape tastes mild.

malaysia day 2 – kampar . tomb sweeping . cameron highlands

Up early!


Breakfast. I think I’m having diarrhoea. Haiz. Don’t care, still have to eat.

Iced milo. 👍

The chores have started! Don’t need to be pretty one la. No makeup, don’t care. Lol.

Great grandparents. We only managed to move my grandparents ashes to Singapore, can’t bring great grandparents back because we don’t have their death certs. That’s why we still have to come back here.

Group pic.

Done at the first place.

Second place is a granduncle. He passed away when he was in his teenage years due to sickness? But I heard he did a lot for the family la. Think is grandma say must come de.

Just a little tombstone.

Coconut juice after.

Here’s a house with horses for rental. Lol.


House pets. Hahaha! I used to wake up once I hear the rooster crow in the morning. Now I just think it’s crazy for crowing so early. Hahahaha!

My nephew dare to hold the little chick leh!

Family picture in front of the house.

malaysia day 1 – penang . kampar

At the airport!

Breakfast first. 😋

In plane!!! Landing in an hour? Hehe.

Somebody like never take plane before keep take video. 😂


Oh yay! Landed liao!

Our ride. We rented a car to get around.

Car wefie!


I’ve got data now! ✌


Going to get lunch. Weee~

Then lunch at the famous Penanh laksa place.


Chay kway teow is nice!

The rojak sucks though. The sauce is like… haiz… the Chinese sweet sauce.

Fresh Dragon beard candy!

Nom nom. 😋


Dinner place.

Sorry no pics of yummy food.

But here’s a picture of our must have veggie whenever we are in Malaysia.

Streets are empty when it’s late.

Still must have my supper!!! My favourite chee cheong fun. 😍😍😍

Choose our sides!

Those round flat items at the bottom left is a must have! We cleared everything on the tray. Then the uncle took out more. 🤣

I take-away six packs of curry chee cheong fun with a lot of sides for only 25 ringgit. Omg. So cheap. 😮 I shock. How they make money? But they cannot raise the price also, if not most people won’t be able to afford.

Mmmm… so satisfied.

Woohoo. Here’s my kampung house.

This is what you see in my bedroom, or our bedroom. The whole family shares one room. Sis and I share a single mattress on the floor.

TC thought I was going to stay at a hotel. Hahaha. I love it the way it is.

More supper. My parents were raving about this red dragonfruit, green apple with honey juice. They had two each. 🤣🤣🤣 omg.

Oh. This was what I meant as supper.

Kampar: Day 3

Breakfast with relatives before they set off to Singapore.

Yummy curry chilli paste.

Mee tai mak.

Side dishes.

Curry cockles. I usually hate cockles, I can only accept the taste of this.


In the old bookstore.

I found a Bape Kids e-mook! Only 15 ringgit!

Favourite fried tofu.

To the hot springs!

Ahhh~ nature.

Went across the bridge but there’s nothing much at the other side.

We always come here for a swim when we are young.

But the water has become so muddy and the place has become a mess.

We did not do any swimming at all.

Angsana seeds!

Decided to move to another spot with clear waters.


So this place is called the Hutan Lipur Lata Iskandar. Don’t ask me to translate.

Wooo! Waterfall!

Clear and cool water.

Omg. This place is so shiok! Windy and cooling!

Yes, I went up to the top of the waterfall.

Saw a shop that sells vintage stuffs.

Then, we stopped at a pasar malam to buy snacks.

Sunset back at home.

Dinner. =)

Kampar: Day 2 (tomb sweeping)

My relatives are finally here and we straight away head out to buy the necessities for tomb sweeping.

Roast pork, as always.

Hello, kitty kitty~


No, we don’t need clogs.

Some steam cakes and kueh.

Then to my cousin’s stall for breakfast.

Sides dishes.

Curry chee cheong fun!

The sun is rising! We have to quickly head to our destinations before it gets too hot and sunny.

First stop to my great grandparents grave, have to pray to the god of the mountain first.

Then we unload.

Spade is needed.

Up the mountain we go.

Setting up.

And pay our respects.

Our shoes were so muddy when we got down.


This place always floods and has a lot of super huge mozzies.

There’s a little stream!

Time to wash my muddy shoes!


I missed her!

Saving fire! The grass nearby caught fire.

Coconut juice break.

Then to the last stop, Granduncle. He passed away when he was young.

To the usual stop for lunch.

The starving us started gobbling on the roast duck first while waiting for the food to be served.

A huge plate of chicken.

Smelly bean with eggplant.

Roast meat.

To be continued…

Kampar: Day 1

We reach at dawn.

My aunt and uncle have not woken up yet and so we had to wander around for a while.

I took pictures while waiting.

This is the nearby timber factory.

Beautiful skies.

Rubbish dump area.

My aunt’s house, they do business here but goes back to the old house to sleep. It’s just one house away anyway.

We slept a while before going to the market for breakfast. Woke up a little late, most stalls are closed.

Luckily the wanton noodle stall was still open!

Oh, you yummy wantons.

Fried kway teow.

Hum chim pengs. Singapore cannot find the one with glutinous rice in the middle.

This is the supermarket.

The shop that sell wines.

To our favourite assam laksa stall! One can never stop eating once you are here.

Ai yu bing..

Another stop for chendol.

And another stop for some refreshing coconut juice.

Fruit rojak.

With the amazingly yummy shrimp paste sauce.

Very late dinner. Still very full from all the food…


Hong Kong chee cheong fun.

Curry mee.

Mee tai mak.

With the fried stuffs.

Kampar: Day 4.

This is the usual market we always come for breakfast. Didn’t eat much, suffering from indigestion from yesterday.

Hong Kong chee cheong fun.


Pancake with corn and peanut.

There’s a pasar pagi nearby, nothing much to get.

Bought a few stuffs from the grocery shop around the corner from our house – snacks and bubble gum.

Then Papa was telling us about the signboards on every house, it represents the surname of each family. So ya, this will be our signboard.

Lunch was chicken porridge and a dessert.

Our bus was delayed and we got time to settle down for dinner at the market. The curry chee cheong fun from this stall is surprisingly better than the stall in the morning.

This is how they fry kway teow here, seated on a stool.

Squid kang kong was just so-so.

Some interesting drinks.

“Peng da wan”

Egg with herbal tea. Not bad.

And we’re back in Singapore with an extra 2kgs each.

Kampar: Day 3. It’s all food.

Breakfast has to be my all time favourite curry chee cheong fun.

Wanton noodles.

Look at how thin the wanton skin is, you have to slurp it.

Assam laksa.

Glutinous rice.

Crispy pancake.

Then for some soya beancurd at the roadside stall.

So much better than Rochor beancurd.

Did a little shopping around…And it’s time to eat again. -.-“

Chendol. Real handmade chendol without artificial colouring.

And refreshing coconut juice.

It’s bigger than my head! I think.

Asam laksa!

Oh-so-good! Thumbs up!

Visiting our auntie, sis and i went to get some fried sweet potatoes. You really have to wait because this uncle has got a lot of customers. Good food takes time to prepare, especially when this old uncle has nobody to help him.

He drop one on the floor accidentally and you can hear it go ‘crack’ and the fried flour comes off. So you can imagine how crispy it is.

Dinner was just a plain mee tai mak with tofu. Ate too much today.