japan day 1 – kyoto . matsuya

Not sure if anyone notices this display of mini clocks at the Airport Terminal 2 before. The feature playing was very pretty, I was awed.

The feature stopped playing and was showing the time when I tried to take picture. By the time the picture was taken… it was like that. I didn’t realised it too. *facepalm*

Light breakfast before the flight.

Cya in 7 hours? Or 8?


Lucky! We have an empty seat beside us! I could lay down to sleep, best sleep in plane ever.

We were also in a newer plane, the windows will dim or brighten depending on the settings that we apply. It’s in a shade of blue though, so everything looks blue outside unless you are at the brightest setting.


Lunch comes with a Ritter Sport chocolate bar and green tee. Had the chicken thigh and tomyum fried rice. Fried rice is pretty good. Chicken passable.


Toilet ootd. 🀣


Landing soon!



Heading to Family Mart to fill our tummies with chicken yakitori onigiri, crab onigiri and mochis.

The yakitori chicken onigiri is very good; tender and flavourful.

Mochis too sweet. The one with strawberry is slightly better because it has a tinge of sourness.

Pear flavoured water is refreshing.


Getting the JR tickets to Kyoto.

We used our Pasmo cards to take the train but still had to top up another Β₯1,940 because it’s an express train.


Found these cute donuts at the Kyoto Station! Cute!!!


Finally got to our Airbnb. It’s a old building, as you can see… the lift is old. It’s cheap with basic amenities, good enough for the both of us.


Finally, we are having a proper meal at Matsuya (松屋). The beef with egg is awesome. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


Took a walk, visited the arcade. Interesting stuffs, looks easy but don’t get cheated.


Visited the convenience stores and bought a lot of snacks, plus a small tub of hydrating gel for myself. So cold and dry, I think my skin is going to crack.

There’s even a magazine with only egg recipes. Too bad I can’t read Japanese.

The Sakura Starbucks packaging is pretty! Too bad I don’t like milk.

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