transit: taiwan taoyuan to japan okinawa

Good morning from Taiwan! I didn’t manage to sleep well during the flight. The lady beside me kept moving and kept fiddling with plastic bags, she was so so so noisy and inconsiderate. The seat is simply uncomfortable even though we topped up for more leg space.

Anyways! I had the egg mantou I have been craving for ever since I had it 2 years ago. The mantou so big and it’s only 25NTD. The stall is, Mai’s, inside the Airport’s foodcourt.

How do they make something so simple, so yummy? The fluffy mantou and fried egg with sauce that tasted like it’s just soy sauce but I wasn’t able to replicate it. Even the guy approves. 😋


Left our luggages at the Luggage Deposit Booth, so that we could go around easily. Very cheap, 100 NTD per day for 25kg. Eh shit. we never check whether if it’s per luggage. Lol.

We’re going to Taoyuan Train Station now, 36NTD per person. Just have to change coins here, if you don’t have enough. Then head to platform 14 or 15 to take the bus.

Can’t post 360° images here. So this will do for now. Lol.


Now having brekkie no. 2 at Family Mart!

Egg salad looking good. 188 kcal.

“Ha mu” onigiri. 😆 269 kcal. I only had one. Lol.


I am back with more food. Lol. Lol. Because I’m not suppose to be shopping today, so only keep eating small small meals.

We’re back to this humble little duck soup stall that we came 5 years ago. Lol.

Really small shop, the stall / kitchen is just next door. They used to be outside the shop.

More details here.

Duck soup! I ordered the wrong one, it should be the Tang Gui Duck Soup. Haiya, nevermind… this is good too.

Appetisers. 😋

Sesame oil and ginger pig’s liver. Damn good. I dunno how they can cook until it’s still soft and tender but there’s no blood.


Chilled at Starbucks with a honey roll cake and some drinks. Nice but a bit dry.


And now we’re back at the airport having tauhuey while waiting for our flight to Okinawa.

Waiting to board now.


We’re at Okinawa!!!
We landed at the budget terminal, so we had to get out of the plane. The stewardess told everyone not to stop and take pictures. We whipped out our Theta instead. So here’s the plane! Again the 360° would be even more awesome if you can see it here.

Another quick picture of the budget terminal. What’s more amazing is that there’s no conveyor belt here, so we just stood around to wait for the airport staff to push our luggages out one by one.

Waiting for the monorail! Okinawa doesn’t have trains and you can only travel 1/4 of Okinawa using it.

Inside the monorail.

Here’s how the ticket looks like. You scan the QR code with the ticket facing down at the gantry.


We’re pretty tired already. It was raining when we reach Okinawa, we had to hold on to our umbrellas while lugging our luggages to the hotel. Checked in. Drop our stuffs.

I was so hungry, I didn’t even bother to take pictures of the room. It’s super tight and squeezy anyway.

Most of the stops are closed when we got out to find a place to eat around our area. Anywhere will do, I’m so hungry… Anything will taste nice.

Woooo… the toast looks good.

When the food was served… I was like, “Shit. The food here looks like Saizeriya.” If you know me, I only had Saizeriya once and I condemned them. They serve disgustingly cold food. Luckily, the food was warm and the hamburger was quite tender and good for it’s price.

The guy’s pork chop was tough. Lol.


Going to bed. We cannot stand it anymore. Still cursing the girl beside me on the flight to Taipei. Luckily we still managed to have short naps on other transports. 😪