Japan Day 2 – Hiroshima 広島市; Tadanoumi 忠海, Ōkunoshima 大久野島 aka Rabbit Island 兔子岛

Breakfast with a good view.

 photo 05 1.jpg

Best hotel breakfast I ever had. Damn. The food is out of the whole. I wouldn’t want to miss breakfast the next day too.

It was kind of like buffet style, we had to get our own trays, then place plates and bowls on the tray. Of course, you can’t put too many in one tray. Then, you queue and get food. I’ll try to get a picture of the buffet counter tomorrow.

Anyways! This is what I’m having for breakfast, nothing too heavy. Gotta maintain my weight. There’s mackerel, potato salad, salad, tamago and scrambled eggs. Melons are very sweet and juicy.

 photo 05 2.jpg

– – – – –

Took a taxi from the hotel to Hiroshima (広島市) Station. The distance is properly like Yishun to Ang Mo Kio. ¥1300, which is around $15.

 photo 06 1.jpg

Bought train tickets to Mihara.

 photo 06 3.jpg

I must comment that the train system confuses us most, doesn’t matter if you have done your research well. It’s just crazy. The ticket doesn’t tell u which platform to go to.

This is the popular plan for Hiroshima (広島市) station to Okunoshima (大久野島):
Hiroshima Station (広島市) – Mihara (三原駅) Station by Shinkansen. Mihara (三原駅) Station – Tadanoumi (忠海) station by local train bound for Hiro (Kure line). Then a 10 minutes walk from Tadanoumi station to Tadanoumi port, take the ferry from Tadanoumi port to Okunoshima (大久野島) port.

Although it fastest way and most expensive way is Hiroshima Station to Mihara Station, you will still need approximately 1 hour to get to Tadanoumi Station. The trains scheduled are quite limited. The other routes can save you half the money but takes double the time, may miss the ferry to rabbit island.

Ps. we got the train tickets wrongly this time, we could have just buy tickets for Tadanoumi instead of Mihara.

Here’s how the inside of Hiroshima Station looks like.

 photo 06 4.jpg

The train is here. Oh by the way. Look out for all the signs to find out which carriage u have to go to because only certain carriages are for free seating.

 photo 06 7.jpg

Inside the train, it’s like taking trains when in Taiwan too.

 photo 06 9.jpg

Some photos that I took while I was in the train.

 photo 07 1.jpg

 photo 07 2.jpg

 photo 07 3.jpg

 photo 07 4.jpg

Almost there. We’re at Tadanoumi Station.

 photo 07 5.jpg

 photo 07 8.jpg

 photo 07 9.jpg

Bye train!

 photo 07 7.jpg

We are supposed to top up the fare here because we changed the train directly at Mihara without getting out of the station to get tickets for Tadanoumi. The station master at Mihara said we could top up the difference here. But nobody stop us at the station and we simply could not find any directions of where we could do the top up.

 photo 07 11.jpg

Turn right when you step out of the train station.

 photo 07 10.jpg

Keep walking until you see these signs, turn right.

 photo 07 12.jpg

 photo 07 13.jpg

Cross the railway tracks.

 photo 08 2.jpg

Keep walking along the road and you’ll see this place where you buy your ferry tickets to Okunoshima aka rabbit island.

 photo 08 4.jpg

I expected the ferry ticketing counter to look more run-down, so this was quite unexpected.

 photo 08 5.jpg

Ferry timing, it’s hourly but they don’t come during lunch hours.

 photo 08 7.jpg

Round trip tickets bought!

 photo 08 6.jpg

Buns and snacks are available in case you get hungry. By the way, friends said the matcha ice-cream here is quite yummy.

 photo 08 8.jpg

 photo 08 9.jpg

Can get a little souvenir for ¥10 which is $0.12.

 photo 08 10.jpg

 photo 08 11.jpg

 photo 08 21.jpg

Took many pictures while waiting for the ferry.

 photo 08 34.jpg

 photo 08 23.jpg

 photo 08 35.jpg

 photo TC 08 8.jpg

 photo 08 24.jpg

 photo 08 32.jpg

 photo 08 28.jpg

 photo 08 36.jpg

 photo TC 08 9.jpg

 photo TC 08 10.jpg

 photo TC 08 13.jpg

 photo 08 38.jpg

 photo 08 39.jpg

Getting on the ferry soon!

 photo 08 41.jpg

 photo 08 42.jpg

 photo 08 45.jpg

 photo 08 46.jpg

 photo TC 08 16.jpg

On the island! Yay~!

 photo 08 47.jpg

Say goodbye to the ferry.

 photo TC 08 15.jpg

The first rabbits that we saw, it’s properly peeing when I took this picture.

 photo 08 50.jpg

The shuttle bus to the public hotel is at the pier, the restaurant and the spa are in the hotel.

In case that you want to walk, it is only a 15 minutes walk to the hotel if you head left from the pier, or a 40 minutes walk if you head right. Which also means you only need an hour to walk around the whole island if you do not stop to play with the bunnies.

Totally excited to see bunnies. I’m going to just keep spamming a lot of photos with some other things to take note of in between.

 photo TC 09 3.jpg

 photo 08 52.jpg

 photo 08 57.jpg

 photo TC 09 2.jpg

 photo 08 59.jpg

 photo 08 63.jpg

 photo 08 66.jpg

 photo 08 72.jpg

 photo TC 09 11.jpg

 photo 08 75.jpg

 photo 09 4.jpg

 photo 09 5.jpg

There are historical sites to see on the island too. Of course, they’re not as interesting as the bunnies.

 photo 09 6.jpg

 photo 09 7.jpg

 photo 09 8.jpg

 photo TC 09 18.jpg

There are also many rabbit’s burrow around the whole island if you realise.

 photo 09 25.jpg

 photo TC 09 16.jpg

Let’s get back to the bunnies.

 photo 09 12.jpg

 photo 09 13.jpg

 photo 09 14.jpg

 photo 09 17.jpg

 photo 09 20.jpg

 photo TC 09 19.jpg

 photo TC 09 20.jpg

 photo 09 24.jpg

 photo 09 31.jpg

You may not see rabbits are certain parts or areas of the route.

 photo 09 34.jpg

 photo 09 35.jpg

 photo TC 09 30.jpg

 photo 09 40.jpg

 photo 09 45.jpg

 photo 09 46.jpg

 photo 09 47.jpg

 photo 09 50.jpg

 photo 09 52.jpg

 photo 09 57.jpg

 photo 09 59.jpg

 photo TC 09 46.jpg

 photo 09 65.jpg

 photo 09 66.jpg

 photo 09 67.jpg

 photo TC 09 53.jpg

 photo TC 09 54.jpg

 photo 09 71.jpg

 photo 09 68.jpg

 photo TC 09 52.jpg

 photo 09 75.jpg

 photo TC 09 56.jpg

 photo 09 78.jpg

 photo TC 10 2.jpg

 photo 09 85.jpg

 photo TC 10 3.jpg

 photo TC 10 4.jpg

 photo TC 10 6.jpg

 photo TC 10 11.jpg

 photo 09 90.jpg

 photo 09 97.jpg

 photo TC 10 19.jpg

 photo 09 98.jpg

The sneaky one that kept following us.

 photo 09 99.jpg

 photo 09 101.jpg

 photo TC 10 23.jpg

 photo TC 10 24.jpg

 photo TC 10 26.jpg

 photo TC 10 28.jpg

 photo TC 10 31.jpg

 photo 09 104.jpg

 photo 09 105.jpg

 photo 09 109.jpg

 photo 09 110.jpg

Coming out.

 photo 09 113.jpg

 photo TC 10 34.jpg

 photo TC 10 35.jpg

Baby bunny!!!

 photo 09 121.jpg

 photo TC 10 37.jpg

 photo 09 126.jpg

 photo TC 10 44.jpg

 photo TC 10 41.jpg

 photo 10 1.jpg

 photo 10 2.jpg

 photo TC 10 45.jpg

 photo TC 10 51.jpg

The family.

 photo 10 22.jpg

 photo 10 17.jpg

 photo TC 10 55.jpg

 photo 10 20.jpg

The papa rabbit always lying at the side.

 photo 10 32.jpg

 photo 10 27.jpg

 photo TC 10 59.jpg

 photo TC 10 61.jpg

 photo 10 8.jpg

There are huge birds flying around.

 photo 10 40.jpg

 photo 10 45.jpg

I see more babies!

 photo 10 47.jpg

 photo 10 50.jpg

 photo 10 51.jpg

 photo 10 60.jpg

Papa rabbit at the side again.

 photo 10 68.jpg

 photo TC 10 85.jpg

 photo 10 87.jpg

 photo 10 69.jpg

 photo TC 10 81.jpg

 photo 10 74.jpg

 photo TC 10 88.jpg

 photo TC 10 91.jpg

 photo TC 10 94.jpg

Hungry. Time for me to snack too.

 photo 10 89.jpg

Haha. Come out come out!

 photo TC 11 3.jpg

 photo 10 93.jpg

Here’s a master.

 photo TC 11 7.jpg

 photo 10 104.jpg

 photo 10 97.jpg

 photo 10 107.jpg

 photo 10 99.jpg

 photo 10 111.jpg

 photo 10 118.jpg

 photo TC 11 15.jpg

 photo TC 12 2.jpg

If you walk towards the only hotel on the island, there’s a restaurant and a cafe inside.

 photo 10 117.jpg

 photo 10 121.jpg

We went to the cafe.

 photo 11 1.jpg

First time using a machine to order food. We are definitely very lost.

 photo 11 2.jpg

With the use of the google translate app, this is the tickets that we have to pass to the staff at the counter.

 photo 11 3.jpg

Sharing this seafood curry rice with the boyfriend. Can hardly see any seafood.

This is the kind of food that you will get here when it is the only place that sells food. If you are hardworking enough, buy bentos from the family mart before coming.

 photo 11 4.jpg

Comes with a dessert that was just very sweet.

 photo 11 9.jpg

The other couple shared a beef curry rice with added rice. There was hardly any beef inside and they didn’t finish the rice in the end. The curries all come from a pre-packaged pack, the staff just have to heat it up.

 photo 11 8.jpg

Just so you know where we are at.

 photo 12 6.jpg

Can take shuttle bus to the ferry but the bus driver has lunch break too, apparently.

 photo 12 7.jpg

See more bunnies while walking back to the ferry port.

 photo 11 10.jpg

 photo 12 9.jpg

 photo 12 10.jpg

 photo 12 11.jpg

 photo 12 13.jpg

 photo 12 14.jpg

See. So kaypo.

 photo 12 16.jpg

 photo 12 17.jpg

Hahahhaha… this bunny ah. It had to eat so very sneakily because not it’s territory.

 photo 12 20.jpg

 photo 12 23.jpg

See! I hypnotised a bunny! It likes getting sayang but scared at the same time.

 photo TC 12 4.jpg

Group photo.

 photo TC 12 10.jpg

Kaypo bunny at it again.

 photo TC 12 12.jpg

Trying to re-gather them.

 photo TC 12 20.jpg

 photo TC 12 22.jpg

All gone to sleep after their feast.

 photo 12 24.jpg

Walking back to the port now…

 photo 12 26.jpg

 photo 12 28.jpg

 photo 12 30.jpg

 photo TC 12 36.jpg

 photo 12 31.jpg

 photo TC 12 44.jpg

Meet more bunnies on the way.

 photo 12 29.jpg

 photo TC 12 45.jpg

 photo TC 12 48.jpg

 photo TC 13 4.jpg

 photo TC 13 7.jpg

 photo 12 39.jpg

I didn’t get buried by bunnies.

 photo TC 13 19.jpg

 photo TC 13 25.jpg

 photo TC 13 15.jpg

 photo TC 13 27.jpg

 photo TC 13 28.jpg

 photo TC 13 38.jpg

Back at the port.

 photo 12 41.jpg

 photo 12 43.jpg

 photo 12 44.jpg

There’s even a concrete steps here to help people get on the bus.

 photo 12 45.jpg

Here’s a bunny digging its burrow. Omg, I sound so kiddish.

 photo TC 13 46.jpg

 photo 12 47.jpg

Some selfies.

 photo 13 4.jpg

Bye bunnies. This trip has been a good one and I truly enjoy it, just look at the amount of photos that I took. It’s crazy but I loved it.

 photo 13 3.jpg

Back on land and we took a different route back to the train station this time. It’s longer.

 photo 13 7.jpg

 photo 13 8.jpg

 photo 13 9.jpg

In order to buy tickets, we had to talk to the station master. He managed to get us to top up for the trip in the morning. LOL.

We sat down at the table trying to figure out why does he need to give us two tickets per person with different prices. It’s just confusing us. Haha. Omg. When changing trains at Mihara Station, we had to insert both tickets in the gantry. Why the machine so smart one?

 photo 14.jpg

Anyways, we went back to the hotel to rest a while before going out for dinner. Too much walking for the day.

Not knowing what to have for dinner, we went to try MOS Burger.

 photo 17 1.jpg

 photo 17 2.jpg

They have English and Chinese menu, so ask for it.

 photo 17 3.jpg

 photo 17 4.jpg

The milk tea was so diluted… I was disappointed.

 photo 17 6.jpg

Fries were soggy.

 photo 17 8.jpg

I had the Mos Burger, it was quite bland. The only serving grace was the beef patty, it was juicy.

 photo 17 11.jpg

 photo 17 12.jpg

Supper back in the hotel.

 photo 19 1.jpg

Cheap nama chocolates! Surprisingly good.

 photo 19 2.jpg

 photo 19 3.jpg

This is okay.

 photo 19 4.jpg

This super good.

 photo 19 5.jpg

To prevent colds during the trip.

 photo 19 7.jpg

I found my favourite instant soup!!!

 photo 19 8.jpg

Japan Day 1 – Hiroshima. Sunroute Hotel and Hassei

Checked in at the airport!

 photo 06.jpg

I only have basic foundation on, so gonna wear specs to cover up those panda eyes.

 photo 06 2.jpg

This is going to be my first SQ flight! Excited but very sleepy now.

 photo 07.jpg

Flying soon. Bye everybody. See ya in 12 hours? If I have wifi.

 photo 07 2.jpg

– – – – –

My breakfast during the flight! Baked eggs and sausage. Not amazing but it’s the experience that matters.

 photo 10 2.jpg

This is a refreshment. A very light lunch before we land in Tokyo. It’s a chicken satay wrap. Overheated, the wrap was crispy at the ends.

 photo 13 1.jpg

 photo 13 2.jpg

That’s Mount Fuji! My sister says it looks like a nipple. Lol! It feels different looking at the real thing. During a certain time, Mount Fuji looks like it’s floating on the clouds.

 photo 14 1.jpg

Here’s a tip: If you are taking morning flights, sit on the left side of the plane to enjoy this view.

 photo 14 3.jpg

Because bored and this looks like a nice thing to take photo of.

 photo 14 9.jpg

– – – – –

At Haneda Airport! We will have to get out of this airport and get to the domestic flight terminal to get on another flight to Hiroshima.

 photo 15 4.jpg

 photo 15 2.jpg

Quite an interesting sight at the domestic airport. People can check in their baggage here. It’s automated, they just have to place their baggage inside the machine.

 photo 16 2.jpg

We still had time to walk around a little before boarding. Don’t have to rush.
I got this drink, told boyfriend it’s Katy Perry drink. He imagined it to taste like pink dolphin but actually…

 photo 16 3.jpg

It’s only water la! Hahaha!

Bought a box of tonkotsu sandwich to share. Quite good, would be better if we could have it warm.

 photo 16 4.jpg

 photo 16 6.jpg

This looks really good, bought a small box to try. Japanese packaging all so pretty!

 photo 16 1.jpg

 photo 16 8.jpg

Slight matcha fragrance but it’s a little too sweet. Around SGD $6 for a box of 5.

 photo 16 9.jpg

– – – – –

We’re at Hiroshima Airport! It’s a very small place with only 2 baggage conveyor belts.

 photo 19 1.jpg

 photo 19 2.jpg

Getting bus tickets to Hiroshima Bus Center. Look at the red letters at the most left, those are the timing for the buses from the airport. The timings at the next few columns is the timing where the bus will be at the next few stops.

 photo 19 6.jpg

Also note that we have to take the bus is at Platform 1, which is just right outside the airport.

 photo 19 5.jpg

Select your tickets and chi-ching! Maximum 3 tickets at one time, which is funny because there’s 4 of us.

 photo 19 3.jpg

Out comes our change and tickets. Everything is so automated!

 photo 19 4.jpg

 photo 19 8.jpg

The so-called Platform 1.

 photo 19 9.jpg

And the boyfriend.

 photo 19 10.jpg

Inside the bus. It’s just like taking bus in Taiwan. The only difference is the language. As long as you keep watching the time, you will get down at the right station. They’re very punctual.

 photo 19 11.jpg

– – – – –

Yeah! At the bus center and it looks like that…

 photo 20 2.jpg

 photo 20 1.jpg

Then we started walking to the hotel, walk-able distance anyway. Our butts are numb due to the flights.

Saw the atomic bomb site while we were on the way to the hotel.

 photo 20 3.jpg

Keep walking down along the river to our hotel.

 photo 20 4.jpg

That’s our hotel, Sunroute Hiroshima.

 photo 20 5.jpg

 photo 20 6.jpg

 photo 23 1.jpg

Checking in before we head for our already late dinner.

 photo 20 9.jpg

There are vending machines at the hotel lobby.

 photo 20 7.jpg

And snacks.

 photo 20 8.jpg

Some kind of flea going on.

 photo 20 10.jpg

Ooooh~! Cute make up brushes too, got flowers and hearts. Not cheap though.

 photo 20 11.jpg

 photo 20 12.jpg

The room is very very small. We need to do ballet to move around.

 photo 21 1.jpg

 photo 21 2.jpg

 photo 21 3.jpg

The toilet looks far more spacious.

 photo 21 4.jpg

– – – – –

Wash up for 15 mins and we’re out to look for dinner!

Going to a okonomiyaki store that’s quite highly rated on TripAdvisor, Hassei.

There’s a few shops here, we had to google and see how the shop looks like or what is the name of the shop in Japanese letterings.

 photo 21 5.jpg

 photo 21 6.jpg

There it is, hidden away in a corner. It’s 八誠 in Japanese.

 photo 21 7.jpg

Close up of the shop front.

 photo 21 8.jpg

A very small and humble shop with lots of graffiti on the walls.

 photo 21 11.jpg

 photo 21 10.jpg

 photo 21 18.jpg

Don’t worry, there’s English on the menu. 👍

 photo 21 9.jpg


 photo 21 17.jpg

Cabbage with pork, spring onions and eggs. Yumz. I like.

 photo 21 21.jpg

Mushrooms fried in butter. I usually wouldn’t go for this because of the butter but I have to say… this is really good. The butter was very very fragrant.

 photo 21 23.jpg

Okonomiyaki that’s prepared with soba noodles. Mmm~ soba noodles have a more tough texture to it. More feel.

 photo 22 5.jpg

This is prepared with udon. I prefer this because the udon adds a little sweetness? It’s like comfort food in a way.

 photo 22 4.jpg

Top it with mayo!

 photo 22 8.jpg

We have to eat with this little tool. In the end, we gave up because we simply are not used to it.

 photo 22 7.jpg

Family mart time. That matcha ice cream looks really yum. Didn’t get it. Too full.

 photo 22 9.jpg

You’ll find muji in Family Mart… whattt…

 photo 22 10.jpg

Bought this so that I could clear some shit. Haha!

 photo 23 3.jpg