en sakaba . plain vanilla

Farewell lunch with Rain, next week is her last week but I’ll be out of town, so this is the last day that I will be seeing her in office.

Willy suggested En Sakaba and he recommended the Foie Gras Yakiniku Don Set. It was good but I felt that the beef is a little dry. Didn’t eat the dessert too because too milky for me.

Dom ordered this snail looking thing to share. It was yuck; bitter, taste a bit like soap and sauce that just trying very hard to cover it up, the texture is quite bad too. The look of our faces changed. 😖

Sashimi is really fresh, has this tinge of sweetness. 👍👍👍


Went over to Plain Vanilla to chill.

Haven’t tried their cupcakes before. Next time. Next time…


Heading to Graceous to get my lash extensions now. Must look pretty when in Japan, without the hassle of putting on eyeliner.

And… it’s done. 😄😄


Getting a box for Tifa to eat, play and sleep in.

She loves her mutilated dragon.



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