We’ll be young forever.

It’s Wenqing’s birthday, dinner at 313@Somerset, Ramen Play.

Getting the cash ready.


Our ramens.

Side dishes, one of it comes free if paid with a DBS card.

Settling debts in the ladies.

I camwhored.

All of us.

Dark Chocolate Orange Latte from Coffeebean. Not bad but reminds me of Halloween instead of X’mas.

The cake with the candle at the side.

Make a wish.

The very first birthday present we handed to her.

“You sure this is part of my birthday present?” Hahaha!

Part 2.

iPhone case. If I have iPhone 4, I would have gotten myself the mint coloured case.

Mango top.

m)phosis purse.

Last surprise! A Fred Perry e-mook bag.

Then, time for our X’mas gifts exchange.

Box of facial masks – Mabel
Crabtree n Evelyn lotion – Serene
Sticky candies and notebook – Helen
Awaiting for arrival – Wenqing

Thanks girls!

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