Katherine the hen.

Preparation works in the progress before the night starts.

I somehow became their ‘Master’ and I have to teach them how to put on fake lashes. I’m really not that good at it and I still do fail sometimes.

We’re all turning into dollies and thanks to Kat for her supply of fake lashes.

Dinner at Marutama Ramen, too hungry before the party starts.

We have the whole room for ourselves.


Braised pork belly.

Ramen with that very yummy egg.

In Shanghai Dolly, my first ever clubbing experience. We had to get a bottle to reserve table plus there was a buy 1 get 1 free, ended up with 2 bottles of Black Label.

“Oh Kat, I give my first time to you~”

This is a Canto club but they do play or perform chinese and english too.

I’m only going to have just one glass, must keep myself sane, very sane. Can never imagine myself acting stupid when it’s beyond my control, it is not going to happen.

Nadine and Jen.

Mindy, Christine and Sarah.

okay, 5 girls. We’re waiting for Kat’s arrival.

I become like this when the music is too loud and I can’t hear a single word what the rest are saying.

Welcome the hen, Kat!

We dressed the hen with wings and feathers.

See. So happy after dress up.

Trying to hide. Nope, you’re going around the whole club for display. =P

Mindy with the hen.

More pictures.

FEF.com girls.


Proper shot.


They start playing games and I find their expression very exquisite. Hahaha!

What the… 6 people alsoo can play?

Wee~ weet!

In order to get Kat up the stage, all of them went up together, I managed to escape the ordeal. Heh. =P

Christine helped to decorate Kat’s chair post hen night. Another surprise for Kat on Monday. Haha!