(Love)³, I want your love.

Finally done with my Christmas Press Release, another big load off my chest. Boyfriend had to wait for me to finish up, so sorry about that.

We shared a fish head curry, a little too big for 2 person. Delicious on a cold rainy night though. =)

Mummy wears her best smile.

It is Mummy’s birthday today! Daddy came home late due to work and we had simple fare at the nearby coffeeshop.

Scallop kailan.

‘Nan ru’ pork strips.

Claypot brinjal.

Prawn rolls.

Salt and pepper prawns.

Rest a little to let all the food settle down before we had the cake-cutting session.

Putting on the candles.

Light them up! Yes, my mummy is 50 already.

She’s still watching TV while I take this shot.

Mummy and Daddy.

Caught them with funny looks. Hahaha!

I’m inside the picture.


Cutting the cake.

And some digging in!

Brunch in the park.

Stayed over at boyfriend’s house, we’re suppopse to wake up early for Mac breakfast but… ya… we woke up late. We decided to go for brunch at Canopy in Bishan Park instead.

Sorry for the blurry pictures. *kicks self for not bringing camera along*

Cosy interior and there’s also garden dining.

All desserts at $10, it’s so difficult to just pick one.

Magazines provided for browsing too.

Egg benedict, soft poached eggs on english muffin with ham and hollandaise sauce.

Egg royale, soft poached eggs on english muffin with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce.

The eggs so runny, just the way I like it. I’m going to find out how to make soft poached eggs and then I can make egg benedicts all by myself. Weee~!

Profiterole, chocolate cream with croux pastry filled with vanilla cream. Thumbs up!

Good old-fashioned soul food, alright.

Working on a Saturday, have press checks to clear and lots of stationary to get for my press release. Luckily, I’ve got my boyfriend to accompany me, the things are too heavy for me to carry alone.

Lunched: Supreme Pork Chop Rice at Middle Road. Haven’t had it for years…

Pork chop noodle. The noodle is smooth and silky, simply enjoyed slurping it into my mouth.

Pork chop rice. All mains comes with a seaweed soup. =)

The slices of fried pork chop, crispy on the outside and tender inside. The best pork chop I ever had so far!

Pass me the spoon before my food gets cold.

Donut factory has affordable set lunches priced below $10, mains comes with a soup or side and a drink.

Egg benedict with ham.

Jumbo sausage wrap with fries and coleslaw.

Dinner at Far East Plaza, Puncak Best Noodles. This shop has been here for the longest time and it is actually our first time dining here. They serve good food that is definitely value for money.

Claypot chicken noodle, I’m craving for it already.

Nothing thrills us.

Prawning with boyfriend’s friends again. Not many catches today, we even got some earthworms as bait, hoping that we could get more prawns.

Got so boring, even the cats are sleeping.

I fed the dog with small bits of leftover prawns. Very clever doggy, it doesn’t eat prawn heads.


Oh well, 44 prawns for 4 rods. Better than nothing at all.

You’re original, cannot be replaced.

This is what I had during my study break. Cereals, bananas and nutella! The main point is that nutella, got to find a reason to eat nutella. Hahaha!

I always have the urge whenever I get stressed over exams. Poor boyfriend, always want a share of whatever I make. Next time, alright?

Stew chicken with onions and tomatoes. Delicious!

I tried tying a fishtail braid, quite difficult but I’m getting the hang of it. Pretty right?

Please excuse I don’t mean to be rude.

Went to fetch boyfriend from work after my exams. Haha!

We had our dinner at Gurney Drive.

Cuttlefish kang kong with chee cheong fun sauce. Yes, you heard me say, ‘chee cheong fun sauce’, or rather the ‘yong tau foo sauce’. Just not my kind of cuttlefish kang kong.

Penang fried kway teow. It’s just normal kway teow, not Penang style. Not bad though.

Fried chicken rice with apple sauce. The apple sauce is too spicy for our liking, we’re not chilli-eaters. Not bad too.

If you are looking for real Penang food, please do not come here, you’ll only get disappointed. I got to warn my parents too. Oh well. =)