Nerve calming.

Natural air fresheners – freesias and sweet williams.

Have been having headaches every single day after the migraine and those bright lights are so headache triggering.

Pi sent me home and I slept until he called me. Sleepy me thought he said he wants to open the door so I have to put down the phone, then I continued to sleep. Pi called me again and ask why I take so long to open the door. Oops. Hahaha!

Thank you, Pi!

Lavender helps calm nerves and hopefully it relieves my headache too.

Throw out my heart and get a new one.

Here we are at Suntec City for the bunny exhibition, I can’t wait to see them!

Before that, we had dinner at Ya Zhou Cafe. Pi had the grilled mackerel.

While I have kimchi beef ramen, must have estrogen-rich foods.

Bunnies bunnies!

Here’s a lop.

Another lop.

Flemish are really HUGE rabbits.

This is such a cutie.

Aww. I so wanna bring them all home.

Frolicking at The Cathay. Yums.

You should’ve seen it in colour.

We love Wang Zhai Xiao Man Tou! Pi and I always finish one big pack in a day. =P

Tried this Taiwan snack shop at ION basement, Xiao Bar Wang.

One mee sua, tea egg, milk tea…

and a pack of crispy chicken. All for only $7, enough for 2 person.

Pi got us a bar of Royce. Me loves chocolates!

A mint headband and a bunny ring for the new year.

Multi-colour pen with mechanical pencil from Muji, now I just need to this pen around wherever I go. =)

– – – – –

Experienced an episode of visual migraine after having our dessert at McDonald’s.

During the whole time I keep trying to explain to Pi what was happening, think it kind of scared him too.

“I think I’m seeing double”
“it’s only at one spot, just like you take picture with flash then the flash stays there.”
“Must be cause it’s too bright in McDonald’s and my eyes are tired.”

We leave Mac.

“It’s spreading and getting bigger”
“Very colourful, like rainbow and then it keeps flashing or blinking. Kind of like a lot of star shaped things.”
“I’m dizzy. Left view totally distorted and still colourful.”

Pi did a little googling and found that it was visual migraine.

To have a better understanding of how I felt during the whole time, click the start button and watch the clip below.

How is it possoble for me not to freak out? I have never experienced a part visual distortion before and such a colourful one too. Took about 30 mins to slowly spread bigger and then outwards before it disappears. I’m was very glad Pi was with me the whole time.

Migraine followed not long after, had to pop some panadols and Pi made sure I was sleeping alright. 对不起,让你担心了.

Tea, I drink with jam and bread.

Mindy received a box of cupcakes from her friend. Very cute!

Pretty crown but that belongs to Mindy.

I’ll have this crown instead. =)

Munching away on my cheap salmon sushi from NTUC and Gong Cha at the Ang Mo Kio Central Stage.

Why you keep taking pictures while I’m eating?

Pi keeps trying with the different effects.

Then we keep playing with this effect on the iPhone app, Pudding Camera. The timing for the next shot was not long enough for us to turn the phone’s facing, so that both of us would appear on one frame each.

We keep trying, sometimes we don’t even show on any.

We finally managed to get one! My face looks kind of distorted. Haha. =)


Yeah! I got Pi’s gold watch plus it’s gold face, not black face. Yippee!

A grumpy day, I craved for some comforting and sinful cakes and we ended at Cafe Cartel. Cakes at 50% off after 9pm!

Chocolate Hazelnut

Tiramisu cheesecake but we had to get changed because the waiter gave us the wrong cake and I don’t eat cheesecake.

Black Forest.

2 slices of cake for only $6.80, that makes me a happy girl. =)

Eat the glue, the sinful way.

Pi brought me for curry rice along Jalan Besar Road, called 美芝律剪刀剪咖喱饭. The place is very rundown and filled with tables, just imagine vintage. Haha!

Stir-fried cabbage and fried egg.

Braised pork.

Rice, overflowing with gooey curry and braised sauce.

Oh-so-simple and yet sinfully good! My kind of pig-like food, just like how my Papa will always describe how I eat at home – mix all the different dishes and sauces together with my rice. Yum yum! Food should just be eaten this way. =)

Walked over to Mustafa for a shopping as I wanted to take a look at the gold Casio watches, I feel like getting one. In the end, I bought two DKNY Be Delicious perfume, a pair of bangles and some snacks. It sure was fun shopping in Mustafa. *grins*

Pi says he will be giving me his gold watch since he’s not wearing it anymore. Hurray!

Me and you with a new beginning, one and one made two.

My first time trying ‘i taimei‘, tucked behind Bugis Street. The menu is special with the cutlets and other items naamed after popular Taiwan singers, like S.H.E or Rainie Yang.

Waiting for our chicken cutlet to be prepared.

The serving isn’t a lot, I still prefer Long Ge though.

After a little shopping and Pi even kindly paid for my dress, we settled down for dinner at Taste of Hong Kong, Illuma.

Table 46.

Double boiled ginseng and chicken soup, $5. Not bad.

Baked salmon spaghetti with Portugese sauce, $10.90. The sauce tasted a little weird but the salmon is nice.

Sizzlling smoked duck meat with stir fried nissin noodle, $7.90. Delicious with fresh cabbage but very oily.

Labi n’ Pipi. =P

The funniest thing that happen when we met, we wore the same colour combination which we were totally unaware of. Hahaha! Plus, this isn’t our first time.

He’s trying to copy the advertisement at the MRT station which Kaneshiro Takeshi (金城武) is in. You can see a sample of the advertisement at the back of the picture above.

Another 21st.

Cousin YT’s 21st birthday, dinner at Lotus Garden Restaurant.

Buffet style tze cha, so you just have to pay per person and order as many dishes as you like. Usual price of dish will be charged if there is any food wastage.

These are just a few of the dishes we had.

The girls.

YT’s birthday cake, initially.

Decorated the cake with icing himself.

You know, YT.

Light up the candle.

“Happy Birthday to You~ Happy Birthday…”

There goes the flame.

Cutting it up.

Before it gets totally sliced up.

Shared a slice with brother and sister, too stuffed after the buffet.

With Simyee.