Immersed in an ocean of love.

Kat’s big day is finally here! We went earlier, played and took pictures around in her hotel room a little before going to the ballroom.

The view from her hotel room.

Desserts were served but untouched, the strawberries look yummy.

Flowers, not from my company. Oh! The I added the bear grass.

Kat’s wedding bouquet.

The back of her wedding gown.

Bride slipping her shoes on.

Group picture!

S and K.

In the ballroom.

Table 25.

Wedding gift.

Wrote a card for Kat.

Letting out the dry ice.

And it covers my feet.

Here comes the bride and the groom!

Food is served, we’re all famished.

Crispy garlic chicken.

Steamed pomfret.

Second match in.

Drunken prawns.

Ryan caught the wine cork when the couple popped the champagne.

Pouring the champagne.

“Yum Seng” time.

Ryan gets overly hyper, keeps asking us to ‘yum seng’ louder.

We definitely can’t laugh and ‘yum seng’ at the same time. Haha!

Ryan goes around toasting everyone. Of course, I was skipped because I don’t drink. It’s Rachel’s turn now.

Woooo… all gone. Bravo!

The gambling spirit is out.

Ryan loses most of his gambles with Sarah.

Then Mindy was dragged in to play too, Ryan won.

More rounds.

They were taking pictures then suddenly ask us to take…

We were asked to do a certain ‘pose’.

Had to get it done and over with. Don’t even know who should be the star of the night. Duh.

Ryan has to leave, so he went out of the ballroom with 2 glasses of beer in his hands and toasted with Kat.

We waited really long to just have this picture taken.

The artificial wedding cake.

On the way to boyfriend’s house, staying over at his place for the night.

Showing me some magic tricks.

*Credits to Nadine for some of the images.

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