33 . full of luck . olivia burton

Colleagues celebrated my birthday in office. Thank you ladies!

Then meet up with TC at Holland Village for dinner! Full of Luck wasn’t our initial choice but it looks more enticing than the rest.

Birthday pressie from TC. So pretty!!

These are what I gave him.

For my boyfriend~!

A little Christmas gift – something to take care of and not too much of a burden.

Wrapped up.

With a little message.

As for his birthday…

His new 3-in-1 bag in a bag.

*Gasp* I forgot to take a picture of his checkered green shirt and Tommy Hilfiger polo tee that were wrapped in a cornflake box but with a strawberry and cherry wrapper. Hehe. It was in my luggage already and I was too lazy to take it out.

His birthday card!

The inside. I feel like a genius!

Sealed in a sleeve.

I had to give it to him before his birthday, we wouldn’t want to bring it over to Taiwan and then bring it back again. It will take up too much luggage space.

Hope he likes the presents! =]

Sparkly ice-cream and the flashy camera.

Met up with boyfriend after his work and he surprised me with an anniversary gift!

I love it, love it, love it! This is going to go very well together with my Juicy Couture case.

He wanted to get something else initially but this will do for now. =)

Thank you, Pi! Love you loads and loads and loads!

Oh! And he caught me Shappo of Sentimental Circus at Arcadia. I’m so in love with it now, too cute! It’s just so me, like a Gemini.

Ooooh. I thought I would never get hooked by these characters. Hello Kitty was a big no-no (too common), the rest were cute but “oh well, just another”. Sentimental Circus is very much different from the rest.

Tomorrow is our anniversary!

Attended Helen’s sister’s wedding dinner at… I forgot which hotel. Haha!

Basically, our table is half empty and so that just means we get to eat double the amount each! We actually managed to finish most of the dishes and of course were too full to have any other meals for the rest of the day.

This is my favorite fried cod fish with soy sauce, I must learn how to make this one day!

– – – – –

Tomorrow is my anniversary together with boyfriend! Time really flies! I’m going to give him the present that took me long enough to prepare, and still yet to be done. I still have a lot of photos! It kills brain cells, seriously.

Just a few of the pages that I really liked.

I shall continue topping up once my FYP and exams are over! Rawr!

Minty melty birthday.

And so I was cheated by Jen to go over to the conference room, she was asking me to choose some new materials which I thought the idea has already been totally scraped.

The surprise happened inside the conference room when I was still choosing the material. The rest of them came in with a ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbins.

And again we have to finish singing the birthday song real fast because the whole cake is melting!

The cake was so hard, it’s difficult to cut even though it is melting. Kat had to use all of the strength she has to cut the cake.

Time to unwrap the presents! They wrap all of the present individually, I had to open them up one by one. Oh! There’s even one humongous eraser which I can pass down to my future generations.

All mint coloured! Okay, close to mint.

Thanks for all the presents and the surprise! Thank you!!!

I believe I can fly!

Tried the chicken wing I received from my colleague. It smells really good but very salty, as salt is used to preserved the chicken wing.

I’ve been craving for a plate of basic vegetarian bee hoon for quite some time and finally I have it today. Satisfaction. =)

Received Birthday Present No. 1 from Pi today, as he can’t bring it over to Phuket. Thank you, Pi!

It’s a uKimono mini, can use it for my bulging tummy! Bye bye tummy!

Brother showed me some mynah eggs he found while servicing a customer’s air-conditioner. I thought it was some candy coated chocolate and still thinking why my brother is giving me chocolates.

I can’t wait to fly already. Phuket, here I come!

My new colleague gave me these.

Thanks, Jingyi!

– – – – –

I was looking for something light to eat for dinner and my ended up getting this cup porridge.

It looks pretty thick and smells tasty to me.

The horror starts after tasting it, the texture of it is ‘eww’. How should I explain it? The rice has gone through lots of processing, I would describe it as; powder, made into some kind of jelly, minced into small bits and dried. So yes, the porridge feels jelly.

I gave my sister a bite too and both of us gave it a name, “War Food”. Yes! Unless there’s war, I will not eat it, even though I think it tastes better than war food but argh… the texture is just not like porridge. Fail.

Gift in an envelope.

Brought some cupcakes for Pi.

Yum. A little too sweet, can’t figure out whether it is due to the frosting or the cookie dough. Oh well.

Met up for a short dinner with my girl friends at Ichiban Sushi.

Totally didn’t expect this because we decided to postpone my birthday celebration to another day. Aww~ And I didn’t bring my camera along.

Thank you girls for the surprise and birthday gift! =)

Met up with Pi after dinner for a movie, he totally like these Satay Broad Beans after I’ve introduced them to him.