christmas bbq

Started Xmas by rushing down to Hafary because the bedroom tiles that we wanted is out of stock. Managed to find another option after a few rounds in the shop.


Dinner at Liang Court because we wanted to get…


Food for BBQ!

The wagyu beef was awesome, at least satisfy me until I get to Osaka.Β πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

The rain came by…

And we continued with more BBQ until the rain is back, stronger & heavier.

No choice but we had to shift everything back.


Thanks for his birthday surprise! We just never expect anything on our birthdays, so it’s easy to surprise anyone of us at any point of time. πŸ˜„

Then we were hungry again. Cooked the leftovers from BBQ.


Those guys having fun with their xmas presents. πŸ˜‚


xmas party

Had a wedding tea ceremony at a relative’s place early morning.

Mum made us come for free food. The laksa was quite good and the durian mochi too.


Then Xmas party at a colleague’s place!

This game is quite fun leh, I like it. It’s called, Rumli or Rumly. Not sure which. Haha.
[Update] It’s Rummy.

Most importantly, got rabbit for me to play with! Hehehe.

christmas musings

I randomly said to TC this morning, “I hate you.”

πŸ‘¦: Why?
πŸ‘§: Because my throat is very irritating and I just feel like saying it.

Totally random. πŸ˜‚

Then he made me a cup of hot ginger tea. 😍 ζˆ‘ηš„ζœͺζ₯θ€ε…¬εΎˆζ£’ε–”!


It’s here! It’s here!


Got ourselves some cheap electronic toothbrush! Not bad leh!


Xmas eve dinner! We had cravings because of a buzzfeed video.

xmas in office . yoshinoya – rebranded

Today face very on point leh! Maybe it’s due to the NYX primer and the blender tool did help as well. Yay~! Throat not so good though, too much virus at home.


Weeee~ so much love.
I’m really thankful for all the help that was rendered to me so far. There may be difficult times but we survived, or rather they helped me to stay alive. Lol.

Many nice smelling gifts. πŸ˜… Don’t know if I will ever be able to finish them.

This badge so cute!


Fortune cats just from our department alone. We really desperate to hit targets! Argh. πŸ˜‚


I tried the new Double Mushroom burger! Yummy leh! But I still prefer Tobikiri. πŸ˜‹


Gonna try the food at the rebranded Yoshinoya!

Need to wait for food, so we had the chocolate millecrepe first. It’s like ice cream. Yum. Quite good for $4.50.

TC had the new Yakitori Don, the chicken is pretty tender and fragrant. I do recommend this.

While I had the usual beef bowl and opted for an additional onsen egg. Ahh~ comfort food. πŸ˜‹

pipi birthday . mitsuba

 photo 01-cake.jpg

This is the chocolate cake that I baked for Boyfriend’s birthday. =)

 photo 02-cake.jpg

With slices of banana and chocolate granache in between. Covered with lots of granache….
This cake was soooooooo very sinful. I had to fight with Boyfriend for the cake because it was too good and he wanted it all for himself.

 photo 03-awesome.png

Feeling awesome because the cake was successful! Heh heh heh…

 photo 04-mitsuba.jpg

Had dinner with boyfriend at Mitsuba. The chef that was previously from Wasabi Tei, then Chikuwa Tei and this is he most recent restaurant. The chef was there today.
The appetiser is not the seaweed with peanuts… I was looking forward to it. =(

 photo 05-mitsuba.jpg

I had the Sushi rice with salmon and swordfish. The salmon wasn’t cut evenly but I have got to say it’s fresh. Swordfish is really nice though, I could feel the juice coming out from every bite.

 photo 06-mitsuba.jpg

Boyfriend had the Unagi set. Well marinated and yummy.

kabe no ana . happy crab . yong he eating house

 photo 01-xmas.png

It’s Christmas day! Whatever lah, I don’t really have the festive mood. LOL.
At my own house right now and all I know is that I miss Tifa.

That’s her being very naughty and acting like a cat. Of course, she’s very happy, look at all those binkies! Kinda crazy. Haha.

 photo 02-mentaikotoast.jpg

Had lunch with Mum at Kabe no Ana, since boyfriend has his personal errands to do too. Mum is always indecisive with what she wants to eat, choose very long…

I ordered the must-have #Mentaiko #Toast. A little too salty this time.

 photo 03-mentaikopasta.jpg

There was this promotion that if you order this set of #Mentaiko #Pasta with #Clams, #Mussels and #Mushrooms, together with a plate of chicken wings. By the way, you can choose of a free side dish, which i ordered the Mentaiko Toast.

 photo 04-chickenwings.jpg

The #Chickenwings are really good. Juicy and crispy! Even my mum likes it, keep asking me if they sell it separately but no, I do not see it.

 photo 05-rabbit.jpg

Tifa is very very easy to grab and hold. Anytime with one hand, that is if she doesn’t grow too big too soon. =)
If it’s Chobi, we will get a lot of scratches from all her struggling. Even holding her with two hands is a problem for us.

 photo 06-happycrab.jpg

This is the Happy Crab that boyfriend’s friends have been telling us, we are finally here to try it.
Crab is fresh, you can just taste the sweet flavour of the flesh. There’s a smear of sweet pepper sauce on the crab, although I don’t really know why is there a need for it.

There’s three kinds of sauces that we don’t usually eat crab with: sambal which is quite good, #mayonnaise – my favourite and the wasabi with soya sauce makes me crave for sashimi.

 photo 07-happycrab.jpg

Look at all those crab eggs… I couldn’t take it just like that, I’m not a fan of crab eggs. I mixed a little mayonnaise in to make it taste better.

 photo 08-happycrab.jpg

The shop was kind of sad looking, we even doubt ourselves that we may have perhaps search for the wrong place. $30 per crab
** You may easily create the same dish, as long as you have fresh crabs.

 photo 09-tauhuay.jpg

We moved on to Yong He Eating House (ζ°Έε’Œθ±†ζ΅†ζ²Ήζ‘ε€§ηŽ‹) for some soya beancurd.
I like to have it together with soya bean drink so that it wouldn’t be overly sweet.
The #youtiao was quite big.

 photo 10-ruroufan.jpg

They actually have #RuRouFan at $3.50. We ordered one to share, it was better than some other stalls but nothing like what we had in Taiwan.

Well… erm… goodnight!
Tifa says goodnight to you too.