ajisen gourmet town . shopping . tifa’s flu

 photo 01-ajisen.jpg

Tofu hamburger with gyoza set for lunch! The egg was still runny, best thing to eat with rice! This set is probably enough for 2 small appetite girls.

 photo 02-za.jpg

ZA foundation now on offer! This time it even comes with a choice of a travel sample set or a sunscreen. I took the sunscreen option, since I’m running out of it.
Dayre needs to buck up on their photo filters… so difficult to find a proper one.

 photo 03-mask.jpg

Facial masks looks promising. Only $2 each.

 photo 04-stickers.jpg

There’s a new shop at NEX called, Doodle Corner. They have really cute stationery. I couldn’t resist getting some stickers, especially the bunny ones.

 photo 05-help.png

Tifa is sneezing until it’s almost like coughing… Too much thick phlegm in her tiny lungs. *worried*

Just tried placing the Vicks Inhaler in front of Tifa’s nose. She finally flopped beside me to lie down comfortably beside me from a ready – to – sneeze anytime position. Continued to hold the inhaler in front of her nose, she looks much better right now. =)

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