taobao: trying lazada’s shipping – prohibited items

My parcel was rejected because there was a pair of kitchen scissors inside but their list of prohibited items did not mention scissors, not even knife or any sharps. 😡😤 Tried to argue with them but they just kept insisting that it isn’t allowed.

printoss . mos keema curry chicken katsu burger

Kept testing on the Printoss, it’s so weird because TC and I have the exact same phones but my prints will have a blue tone. Then we found it that it is due to the blue light, TC has his blue light filter on.

So yes, remember to turn on your blue light filter if you are using Samsung phones.


Mos has this new Keema Curry Chicken Katsu Burger, it’s very nice! I like the touch of curry and it doesn’t over power the original fragrance of chicken katsu. Good balance.


Popped by 100 Selegie, the place has changed again. More paintings. Going to be a International Women’s Party tonight, think there’s Attagirl and Rebel Daughters. Although I have no idea who they are (I don’t party) but they seem pretty popular.


Bought lots of furniture from Ikea. Glad we did snack before we start the hunt because the wait to collect and deliver was sooooo long.


Did you guys see Mario on Google map? So cute but hmm… not very engaging.


Cappuccino Melty Kiss tastes weird. Eek.


Haiyo. I really should stop having late night meals.

akamai privacy screen . hwa ji bak kut teh

Oh yes! My delivery is here! The box is big for something so flat. I read reviews that Akamai is better than 3M, but the irony is that they use 3M sticker holders too. 🤣


Lunch with 3 guys means they always over order. Food at Hwa Ji Bak Kut Teh tastes basic, nothing amazing.

Got a juice to make my lunch feel better. $3 for 3 oranges is quite expensive, right?


Office too cold until nose pain and I can’t stop sniffling. Went out and got myself a huge cup of teh halia. One of the shops in Amoy Street Food Centre has the best teh halia. Gingery, thick and not overly sweet.

midnight at don don donki . year in review . new year eve party

Midnight shopping!

It’s so late and there are still people queuing for the roasted sweet potato. Luckily there’s still some left after the queue was gone, so I got mine.

It’s $2 for one.

Very sweet, you can see the sugar from the sweet potato has caramelized. TC says this is the first time he can accept sweet potato, so that’s how good it is.


For a quick pasta meal if we need.

My snacks. 😍

My year in review.

Getaway with the family is always fun.

Which is with the huge family.

Having this pic taken makes me happy.

I’m old.

The Bangkok trip with only the girls in the family.

Which reminds me that… I still want this.

My first lashes!

Legally married to the partner of my life.

Mini-moon which also happened in Bangkok.

First time at Escape and I like it!

New couple phone.

New keys. 🤣

New nephew.

New laptop.

New tiles. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Looking forward!!

Ka-ching! Oven checked.

Da yi ma came uninvited to celebrate new year’s eve with me.

Quick lunch before the buffet.

Which has a whole roasted lamb.

Pasta… fried chicken. 😋

Lots of ice cream.

Pretty but… ok la.

Like nice but once got passion-fruit… the dessert is like wasted liao. 😧

converse sales . hawker chan

Took leave to go shopping with Sis. Very long never go shopping together already.
Sorry, this is just a pic of me though. 🤣

Lunch at Hans was disappointing. Not satisfied.

Lucky there’s one for one Starbucks to make up for it but too sweet for me even though I asked for half syrup.

We went for the Converse sales!
Got 2 sneakers, 2 everlast sports bra and a singlet! Very cheap!!!


Here’s Mummy’s bday dinner! All from Hawker Chan except the veggies. Only asked Mum to fry a veggie. Cannot go out because Dad is sick.
They loved the food. 👍👍👍

random musings

Tifa has a new sleeping pose. Hands up in the air!


Takeaway 4Fingers lunch at home for parents and sis.


Woo… Saw this shop at Chinatown Food Market. It’s quite good and not too sweet, just that the biscuit is a little too crumbly.

Steam fish head with garlic for dinner.


Bought myself an agate bracelet! So pretty! My MIL helped me to choose when I couldn’t make up my mind. 😁

mala xiang guo at cineleisure . antoinette . audace shampoo and hair tonic

Colleague says the mala at Cineleisure’s foodcourt is very good and so we are here!

Each of us gets a soup and it’s legit good.

Huge bowl! Apparently they deep fry some of the ingredients before frying. Like the luncheon meat, fish and potato. Potato was very goooood, we should have gotten more.


Went to nua at Antoinette. It was a good break from reality, until we didnt want to go back to office.


Me and my dandruff problems. Remember the Phyto serum with I got? It didn’t really work.

Yday, I saw this, got the original version. It was on 20% off at Guardian. Tried it and feel that it worked. So I got another bottle today because I left the bottle at TC’s house. Original is sold out, and I also got the hair tonic which I will put on after my hair is dry.

The flakes detached themselves from my scalp this morning and I just had to comb them out. I don’t see new flakes throughout the day.


Shared some dim sum with Mum.


Testing a Polaroid app on my phone. 😁