mala xiang guo at cineleisure . antoinette . audace shampoo and hair tonic

Colleague says the mala at Cineleisure’s foodcourt is very good and so we are here!

Each of us gets a soup and it’s legit good.

Huge bowl! Apparently they deep fry some of the ingredients before frying. Like the luncheon meat, fish and potato. Potato was very goooood, we should have gotten more.


Went to nua at Antoinette. It was a good break from reality, until we didnt want to go back to office.


Me and my dandruff problems. Remember the Phyto serum with I got? It didn’t really work.

Yday, I saw this, got the original version. It was on 20% off at Guardian. Tried it and feel that it worked. So I got another bottle today because I left the bottle at TC’s house. Original is sold out, and I also got the hair tonic which I will put on after my hair is dry.

The flakes detached themselves from my scalp this morning and I just had to comb them out. I don’t see new flakes throughout the day.


Shared some dim sum with Mum.


Testing a Polaroid app on my phone. 😁

tonkatsu . origins . phyto scalp treatment

Another farewell. Having tonkatsu again.


Snack from Philippines! It’s really similar to Twiggles. So yummeh.


Origins Haul! I like Origins a lot, I think I can be their ambassador. Hahahha!
Eye cream. I hope it’s good. Reviews online looks very promising.

Reviews says this will brighten the face. Please be good!

This belongs to my sis, I’m trying it now.



I’ve got dandruff and it’s getting worse. Desperate calls for desperate attempt. This Phyto scalp treatment is $69.90. 😣 “You only have one job, please do it well.”

facebook – data girls . braised pork ribs fried bee hoon

At Facebook’s office for a workshop!

Nice view from level 22.

Lunch provided is quite miserable, just a heap of rice with sweet & sour pork and spring rolls.

So so many snacks in the pantry and this is just one shelf.


Just take la, don’t care. 😁😁😁

Kept raining non-stop but I like to watch the rain. Not bad because the workshop was quite boring. Lol. πŸ˜‹


Braised pork ribs fried bee hoon. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ We had two servings each and I’m going to pack for lunch tomorrow too.


I wanna buy this leh. Doesn’t smell nice but I remember it was a very good product. My pimple will disappear the next day after use.

sushi express . kallang wave mall . chomp chomp

It’s easy to go carb-free when they have salad.

Tadaa! Fish salad.

Looks cute but it’s just balls of mashed up sweet potato.


Shopping around. I’m really thinking about getting Muji furniture.
Decisions. Decisions…


Black coffee. Mine is the cute one. 😁


How I see him from my eye level. 😚


Finally found blackhead peel mask in Daiso!!! Much smaller though.


Got free ice-cream if you shop more than $80 at Kallang Wave Mall! Don’t say I bojio. ✌


Cold storage has this premium iberico pork char siew. It’s really flavourful and juicy. πŸ˜‹


Chomp Chomp
Satay. How come got baking soda taste… 😐


Drop standard.

At least this was still alright.

Guess I will never be back here. The food choices are so damn limited now. All carrot cake, satay, chicken wings, sugarcane juice… for somebody feeling sick like me…. where’s the porridge stall??? 😭 It was so good… and now it’s gone.

hao lai wu hotpot and grill

So happy for them! They totally got the couple look, then I always feel that they should be together even though I never watch DOTS. Lol lol. Only watch a little on TV and I don’t even know the ending. 😝


Seriously fat die me. πŸ˜‚ Diet is never going to happen. The food here is really quite good. Just very smelly after that lo. Hahaha.

Actually the pot can’t really contain a lot of soup, there’s so much wasted space.
I like the tomato soup and they got all the mala xiang guo ingredients, so just go for the spicy soup if you can take it.

Total was $119 including drinks. That’s like $30 each already.


Milk tea snow ice, like a pretty ruffled dress. Hehe.


Woohoo! I have Clinique’s dark spot corrector & optimizer now! Such pretty colours! 😍 I hope it works.

eyelash extensions . koh grill & sushi bar . marchΓ¨

Did eyelash extension with sister!

Look at those lashes. 😍


Then we went shopping in town. Weeee~ haven’t been out together like this for a long time.

I finally tried the shiok maki at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar! It was gooooood.

Awesome fried rice.

Damn. Even the clam soup is sweet, naturally sweet because of the fresh ingredients.

Mentaiko cod fish. πŸ‘πŸ‘


I bought tarts from MarchΓ¨! 1 for 1. Haha. Last choice left, so I don’t have high hopes for it. Very sweet indeed.