company dinner at straits kitchen

 photo 01-straitskitchen.jpg

Company dinner at Straits Kitchen! We couldn’t get any tables at Carousel, so we have to make do with it here.
There’s only 3 of us in the company anyway, easy to arrange la. Haha!

Look at the spread!

 photo 02-buffet.jpg

Malay food.

 photo 03-buffet.jpg


 photo 04-buffet.jpg

There are also stations for laksa, satays (omg, I never take satay), otah otah and some bbq food. Rojak too, with the goreng pisang station behind. The goreng pisang is nice, ok? Too bad I never take photo of it.

 photo 05-buffet.jpg

All the kuehs.

 photo 06-buffet.jpg

More desserts.

 photo 07-buffet.jpg

They have ice – cream flavours like durian and holicks, no chocolate.

 photo 08-buffet.jpg

The partners weren’t here yet and so we started with some desserts. This is the sweet tapioca in syrup.

 photo 09-buffet.jpg

Muah chee is not bad.

 photo 10-buffet.jpg

Still hungry after dessert. Heck care about the partners already, we started eating without them. Chilli crab!!! Omg! This shall be my main!
Average la. As long as it’s crab, I’m happy. (I’m so easy to please. )

 photo 11-buffet.jpg

The joy when I found another crab dish at the Indian station. Lol. Ok la, this one is cook until. No meat one. Curry is nice by the way.

 photo 12-buffet.jpg

Tried the kuehs. I like the brown and green one. Yellow one is… meh… The cheng teng hor… the sugar they add until like it’s free one. I add so much water inside.

 photo 13-awesome.png

Although I didn’t get to try a lot of the food (don’t know why eat so little bit feel full liao) but I think the best station award goes to…


*drum rolls*