Hold me like a pillow, make me feel right.

I had this craving for Stewed Minced Meat Rice aand so we ended up at Scape, Xin Wang Taiwan Cafe.

The meal comes with gyozas and also a small salad dish.

Boyfriend’s grilled chicken burger.

He’s at it again! Poking on my iPhone. Haha!

Yumz! Definitely satisfied.

Ahhh~ Open your mouth, veggies are good for health.

Showing off my new umbrella.

The “moo’s” and the “mae’s”.

The cow smelling the person’s…

Lots of lambs along Orchard Road.

The king is very short, his feet is hanging in the air.

Then we’re at ION, my ah beng boyfriend looks very ‘buay song’.

Inside ION’s Christmas tree…

Haha! We took pictures inside.

Huge disco balls hanging on the tree.

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