helen’s wedding

Helen is getting married today! I’m so happy for her.


Church weddings take so long though. 😅 We were famished by the time the ceremony was done. The food was catered was halal, think they forgot to also provide food for people who can’t take spicy food. LOL. Serene couldn’t take any of the meat dishes.

There are also kueh kuehs, tutu kueh cart and an ice cream cart. I definitely would want an ice cream cart at my own wedding too. Heh heh. Too bad the tutu kueh cart has to close on time, so there wasn’t much time to get it, even though Helen’s wedding ceremony overrun. I didn’t manage to get any.



One more picture with the couple before we leave.



Hello Bernice, I’m here to see you again.


Had dinner at the new concept hawker at Pasir Ris, level 2 is where you can find the more ‘hipster’ foods. I went to the stall with the shortest queue because I was very hungry, didn’t have much at the wedding.

Wanted to get the Chicken and Mushroom Veloute from The Stew House because it looks like a very good soothing bowl of thick chicken broth for the cold weather but it was out of stock. (I later found out Ah Long got the last bowl. 🙄)

Ordered the Chicken Tika Stew instead which is a tad too spicy but delicious nonetheless.


sis’ got proposed!

Lurve my new sneakers!


Dunno why I feel so so so tired today, I had to make coffee. 😪😪


The actual Disney Magic Kingdoms is finally on Play Store!!! Don’t install the wrong one ok, make sure it’s the one with Lion King. My sis fly to London to download this… only to find out that it’s also available in SG. Hahahahaha!


Happy for my Sis. I was the only one who knew because I helped with the ring size, unless her bf told sombody else la. I keep quiet for very long sia. Lol lol.

wenqing’s wedding

That famous tree for wedding photos. Now like the tree more important than the couple leh. Lol lol. 😂

Sisters together

With the bride!

One with our tuition teacher. Only had tuition for a short time because I realise that we’re at different stages of knowledge (I’m not as good as them in terms of studying), so I left.

Have a blissful marriage!

Waaa… the decor for reception is really a test of my skills. Lol lol! But lucky it still looks alright. Really is make do with whatever she pack. 😅

All of us were so tired during the lunch banquet. I was just stoning after having some food. Waking up at 4am is no joke. 😩


Went to office to work after the wedding.


Collagen hotpot with TC. 😋

I thought the sweet potato will be coated with sugar… but no…


Marche today!
Met up with the brothers and sisters for Wenqing’s wedding to do a run-through of everyone’s roles.

I think the desserts are so much more enticing than the mains. 😍

Ok! Order this later. 😋

Shared a mushroom crepe with Helen. This is huge, definitely enough to feed two.

Omg. This is damn nice. Not overly sweet and it’s like a cake version of ferrero rocher. I highly recommend it!

Thanks for the bridesmaid dress!


Now addicted to this Disney theme park game. So magical, I love it.

random musings

Love my new sandals from Vincci! Got them for like RM89.90. Most importantly, they’re very comfortable!


Attended a Malay wedding and the food is yum yum.

Where do I find a Chinese buffet wedding ah? Fuss-free. Lol. Best is couple just sit there, wait for people to go over take photos. Hahahahha! 😁

Congrats! 🤗


Ice cream!


Cooked dinner!!

Om nom nom. Best la! Haven’t cooked this for a long time. 😋

random mumblings

Somebody just tried to say negative things about me again!

*complain complain complain*

Okay done. I will treat it as I never hear anything.

 photo 01-car.jpg

Attended a wedding luncheon with boyfriend which is at Conrad Hotel. His primary school friend is getting married.
Ballroom is quite squeezy for 30 tables. Hmm… Food is served in individual servings. I wasn’t full even when the wedding has ended.

Fiona’s wedding dinner.

Off to Fiona’s wedding dinner! I have to warn you that this post is picture heavy.

Went to write the message cards.

I was told that I could use the typewriter to type my message on the cards. Why not? I could try out the vintage typewriter.

I swear I had a difficult time with it, the ink wasn’t coming out well and we were trying to figure what was happening. Till the girl at the table told me I have to punch the alphabets real fast and hard. *gasps*

Seriously, my fingers were tired after that.

The others gave up. You could still see that the ink isn’t clear yet after all that hard punching.

To the ballroom.

My seat.

And took lots of pictures before the dinner starts.

Guys pose this way when we asked them for a ‘manly’ pose. Girls like to tuck in their chins and having the chin out means manly?

Daddy with little Lucas.

Fake wedding cake.

Too many photos.

The menu.

With Mum and Dad.

Wedding gift.

Cute ‘long-distance’ nephew, he has loads of facial expressions.

The lights go off and it’s time for the bride and groom to come in!

Food finally!

Second entrance of the bride and groom.

Brother and me.

Yum seng!

Then, the cute nephew continues with his own yum seng.

He notices we were laughing away while taking his pictures.


Time for a picture with the wedding couple.

Still eating.

We start moving around to take pictures.

Back for some food again.

Then more picture taking.

More photos even after we left the ballroom.

Daddy hasn’t been to town for a very long time and so he gets amazed by the views.


Fiona’s wedding!

It is my Fiona’s wedding tea ceremony today! We all reach early and had to wait for the bride and groom to come back. Daddy even went out to work for a while and made it back in time for the tea ceremony. Haha!

So while waiting we played with our little nephew but all he wants to do is to eat and sleep. He’s so cute!

Here comes the bride and the groom!

And the tea ceremony starts.

I’ve got too many aunties and uncles, so I’m not going to post all of their pictures. That’s my Mum and Dad.

Too crowded. Haha.

I got the ang baos! My mind was in a blank and I forgot to say auspicious words. So embarrassing~ =P

Ok, that’s all. The rest of the pictures will be on my facebook. Bye!

Tomorrow is our anniversary!

Attended Helen’s sister’s wedding dinner at… I forgot which hotel. Haha!

Basically, our table is half empty and so that just means we get to eat double the amount each! We actually managed to finish most of the dishes and of course were too full to have any other meals for the rest of the day.

This is my favorite fried cod fish with soy sauce, I must learn how to make this one day!

– – – – –

Tomorrow is my anniversary together with boyfriend! Time really flies! I’m going to give him the present that took me long enough to prepare, and still yet to be done. I still have a lot of photos! It kills brain cells, seriously.

Just a few of the pages that I really liked.

I shall continue topping up once my FYP and exams are over! Rawr!