isolation: part 2

went down after finishing work in office
just waited for them to finish shoot
shoot ended early! haha

had dinner at geylang serai
nasi ayam penyet

maggi goreng
the uncle drew cute flowers with chilli sauce

bee hoon goreng

it was raining heavily
raindrops on glass panel

then i notice.
the front of our apartment is flooded

the rubbish bins floating around

quite a big hoohaa for us
cos we actually brought the flood
from the company together with us
haha~ this is quite a funny sight

our photographer, lawrence
his skills are much better than CK

he used a vintage look-a-like camera
Hasselblad… cool~
i love the sound the camera gives

u look at the picture from the top
it’s very cool~ waa~
i wish i have one of these too

black area removed, can’t show the product

had canadian pizza for dinner

teriyaki chicken

I was only a wash cloth ah-ma
cos sarah dun want me to help her

i can’t believe it…
think something is wrong with me
fell asleep while sitting on the sofa twice
something is definitely wrong with me

cute plushie clothes

took a pic of the pretty lamp
before i left…

can’t believe it again…
was putting on my bedsheets once i reach home
i fell asleep halfway… argh~!~ this is crazy~
and fell asleep again when i’m done with the bedsheets
i think i really need rest.

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