BKK trip: Day 3

went shopping at chatuchak
i bought a lot of things
esp nice necklaces!
had some snacks for lunch

a lady frying quail eggs

yummy! i love eggs!
but i can’t eat too much T_T

fried chicken.
too dry and chewy

they sell baby squirrels
poor thing…

they tie string around their necks
and all of them looked scared

then we went to MBK
had dinner at Bar.B.Q Plaza

the steamboat or pan thingy

fatty pork, the oil

sugar cane squash

curry fried rice
just normal fried rice

the set we ordered

sizzling… yummy!

tuna cubes, looks nice on menu
so i ordered it. lol…

looks yummy huh?
have it medium cooked, jus nice

my after dinner dessert
i love this a lot!
will always get it when i’m back

suan lum night market…
they dun have the ferris wheel anymore
how disappointed! and i dun have enuff money
not enuff! i’ll be back!

sneak back hotel with durian. hehe…

mango glutinous rice
love mango lots!

waste of time

went town after work yday
had shrimp cutlet burger at MOS burger
really delicious, whole shrimp inside patty
i wonder how they make it into patties

then i went taka
bought sylvanian families’
lamb sister and candy wagon!
20% discount, i gotta buy more.

watch movie ‘Accuracy of Death’

waste my time lar!
i almost fell asleep
1hr+ show, only 5 min is funny
wat the heck! bad storyline
full of loopholes…

company BBQ

there was a company BBQ last night
went shopping for food at Sheng Siong
we bought 3 trolleys full of food!

preparing the BBQ pits

lots and lots of food!

the vegetarian BBQ pit

non-vegetarian pits

with peck ling florist

want to take the pic with jus peter aka superman
together with suling
but the rest came join in lar… lol
boss stood beside me, i look so short!

with sarah

i bought 2 items
hope this can help me slim down a little

and reduce my freckles

have u eaten fish zinger before?
it’s nice! juicy fish patty… yumz

BKK trip: day 2

woke up early
had buffet breakfast
provided by the hotel
food is not bad

then we had ice cream at swensens
drinking glass is nice

banana split

i dun like the whip cream
has a strong milky smell

after tat we went shopping
there’s a canon gallery in MBK
the camera lenses are really big!

had a little tea break
as our legs are really tired
the dim dums are really cheap

longan drink

deep fried cha siew paos

minced pork with seaweed wrap

siew mai

we walked to CentralWorld
saw something interesting

cardboard seats

musical instruments

cardboard shelf and plant pots


chairs and table set 1

chairs and table set 2

we had dinner at baiyoke skyhotel
buffet at level 78, woohoo~
the view is really nice!

it is more expensive than the last time i came
shld be due to the performers

they have got ppl singing
with somebody playing the guitar

and a band which plays music
by beating or knocking on pots and pans
they’re really good

~END~ we slept early almost everyday, haha!

bye, shufen n steven~

it is shufen’s last day
she’s leaving the company
a few of us dropped a little tears
and we forced ourselves not to cry

it was a happy farewell =)

those are the farewell gifts tat i chose
lighthouse and toy bunny
think she likes the bunny a lot! hehe…

clearer pic of the gifts

the animal colour pencils

these are wat i got from shufen
i asked her to give me the red riding hood
it’s so cute ler!

shufen and me

all of us with our own farewell gifts

the murder of the elephant, lol!

the enemies!

say cheese! =)

bye~ cya soon!
(with her memorable fake mont blanc luggage)

we had shufen n steven’s farewell lunch yday
at The Vines opp novena church
the food is pretty good

cream of chicken

i had lobster with chicken cutlet

Suling had lobster with dory fish fillet

choc ice cream eclair

the 3 of us, i look blur in the pic

group pic

hey frenz, i’m back~!~

back from BKK
finally have time to update
after lots of unpacking

i’ve bought a lot of stuffs
around $800 worth
tops, shorts, bags, blar blar…

oh! and my bday present list?
i dunno wat i want oso lar
take all of ur time to think ba!
cos i have already gotten wat i need

first day of BKK trip
check-in at airport
then we went to Terminal 3 for breakfast
since we have neva been there before

Terminal 3

had kaya toast set for breakfast
at Wang, My Local Cafe

2 half-boiled eggs

milk tea

the first taxi i took after the flight

the taxi driver dunno whr our hotel is
so we asked around SkyHotel
it was right behind
we just have to walk through the walkway

when we were going to cross the road
a bellboy ran across the road
to help us with our luggages
very good service indeed

Baiyoke Boutique Hotel
hotel lobby 1

hotel lobby 2

cashier counter

nice clock

we were served guava juice
during check-in
the receptionist could speak pretty good english

lift area

my hotel room! not bad huh?

the tv, dresser area


the negative things abt the room?
room has a slight smell
toilet looks old, esp the bathtub area
the wall is cement with cracks

the corridor, flowery~

then we went out shopping!
had a little tea snacks
a cup of root beer

and ham n sausage crepe

shop for 3 hours
and i bought a lot of things!
woohoo~ so happy
unload our stuffs in our room

then off we went for dinner
it’s somewhere around Eastin Hotel
have to walk along the road
that leads toward pratunam

tom yum soup! the best ever!
the quality drop already

sprite in bottles

stir fry kang kong with minced chicken
thumbs up! but a little too spicy for me

pineapple fried rice

cripsy catfish

comes with mango salad

watever~ i shall be little miss nice.

something really unhappy happened
to all ppl to read this post
pls do not anyhow give ppl nicknames
esp if u are not close to them at all
acronyms could mean anything…

oh well~ nevamind…
i had a good lunch =)
at sakae sushi!
good food makes me happy!

salmon sashimi
the slices are very very thin

mushrooms wrapped in beef

unagi in egg, yummy~

cheese katsu

boss fetch us back from lunch
gave us a ride in his BMW at 20km/hr
around Braddell View, i didn’t noe it’s so big!
all thanks to shufen lar… haha!

korea food after work
the pic i took of my rice set is missing
waa~ very sad leh

potato pancake


went chinatown after work to change money
heard the exchange rate there is better

had dinner at the food centre
tom yum soup with stew pork rice

‘nan ru’ egg noodle

cheap chocs! 2 for 2.90
not bad…

watch movie Ironman
rate it: 3/5

total waste of my time!
earlier part of the movie was damn boring
the later part was only a little better.
i’m not going to watch part 2 of this movie lar
idiotic! i hate the cartoon
why would i even think of watching the movie?

mother’s day war!

it’s like mini v’day, crazy lar!
i’m at the work order station again
print print print… so tired lo

boss bought us all a ice cream each
as an encouragement
i dun think it works for me but still thanks!

went home at 4am
sis and i decide to have mac breakfast
we were so hungry

just look outside, it’s still dark

i tried mcgriddles burger

it is soggy and sweet
would be better if big breakfast burger
is changed to this pancake patty

i love hash brown with maple syrup

deformed/twin gerbera

went home on 6am on sat
so… i slept 2 hrs in 48hrs only
totally concussed on sunday
i woke up at 4.30pm and still feel very tired

i brought mum a bonia wallet set
which costed me $105
she say it’s not nice lo
but i can see she like it a lot
she’s a big liar~ haha