serene bday celebration

wenqing is a little sick, coughing away
i had slight fever last night and tummy feels weird
almost couldn’t get helen to join us, happily slept till 4pm
and she had diarrhoea last night
but we couldn’t miss the celebration rite?

had dinner at Pasta de Waraku, Marina Square

the service is really good
was served by a waiter, Romeo. haha!
he is pretty cool lo
indian and he speaks really fluent chinese
i think helen is in love with him. wahahaa~
keep trying to get Romeo to serve us

serene’s prawn n mushroom

shuhui’s prawn, basil n yolk

wenqing’s bacon n vegetables soup pasta

helen’s bacon & spinach soup pasta

mine, chicken n mushroom

this is how disgusting helen can get

shuhui very focus on eating

helen keeps talking non-stop

maccha float and coffee float

maccha monaka

okonomi cheese

salmon cheese

bought 2 slices of cakes from four leaves
mango tropicana

almond fruit tops

Happy 22nd Birthday, Serene!

bought her a bag
and $50 BHG vouchers
hope she like the presents~

frenz 5 (pic blur)

clearer pic

sakae sushi treat!

lunch at sakae sushi
solely provided by…
my brother!

Kani Chawanmushi

Udon Chawanmushi

gave us the wrong spoon
this is for sakae juniors

fried tofu

fried salmon


Renkon Chips

Katsu Curry Don

Umatama Don

What a spread!

of course…
we have to end with desserts!


marriott day~

thursday is Marriot day!
yummy yum yum~
having a little sore throat
but who cares when there are such yummy cakes?

slices of cakes

rich choc cake

passion fruit

choc mousse cake


bigger version

show you all some weird flowers
haha… furry flower, grows fur

this looks fake and yucky

bakerzin cakes buffet

lots of food during shoot
gaining fat again. arghz~
crabtree n eyelyn food
and bakerzin cakes

double choc cookie. yums!

cake. cake. cakes~ buffet



Strawberry Shortcake


even brought a box home

i’m now feeling sick of cakes
arh~ but tat should not be the case
Marriott cakes tml! more! more!

semi-choc buffet

photoshoot today too
my category: add-ons
plushes and chocolates

hehe… little choc buffet

this is yucky.
will not buy their chocs again, ever

was told not to eat eggs yday
but i ate today! totally forgot
fried carrot cake… at least 2 eggs
earned myself 3 news bruises today
argh~!~ i must keep reminding myself

vegetarian on every 1st and 15th of lunar calendar
no eggs, no pig organs
cannot let 2 types of ppl touch my head
i must jiayou! jiayou!

She came.

my parents invited guan yin to my hse
i would say it’s an auntie
which guan yin will possess on her

the point is…
she doesn’t collect any fees from us
it’s free of charge
she couldn’t be a fraud rite?

so you must be thinking
wat’s the prob with my house?
this is gonna be a long story…

a ‘thing’ followed my dad
dad manage to chase ‘it’ off
but ‘it’ followed again another night
the lady taught my dad how to ask ‘it’ to leave
this matter has already been settled

dad went to a herb garden today
the lady specially went down to tell my dad
that she has to come to my house
to do some rituals due to us
the 3 siblings…

lets start with my bro
his ‘yin yang yan’ is half-opened
so he sees those ‘things’ sometimes
and he has 1 following him for 8 years
dun worry, its not harmful

the lady has closed his ‘eye’
and got rid of ‘it’ too
oh, i knew he has ‘something’ following him
he told me and i believed…

my turn was next
she asked me some questions
okay, so i did see ‘them’ before
when i was really small, not more than 5 times
who knows when you are so little?
not even sure myself… oh well~

she gave me a nickname
so frenz, call me ying xuan (莹轩) from now on
even said my temper is very bad
gotta change… haiz~ it’s so hard to control

my sis… her prob is not big at e moment
it’s definitely not a good thing to say
she got a nickname as well, hui ying

have to take flower bath early morning tml

the lady even cure the prob on my leg
an old knee sprain and a bruise
was so painful! my tears kept rolling down
my bruise has spread bigger and redder

my skin condition is not good
and my blood vessels too
she told me not to eat egg!
argh~ my favourite… *sobs*

the 3 of us are not suppose to
eat pig organs, she said it’s dirty
that’s still okay, i dun eat it a lot

This Friday is Good.

today is good friday.
went out to top up bunnies’ supplies

oooh! i bought a bunny doughnut
from crystal jade
so cute~ i ate its mouth first

went shopping around a little
haiz~ didn’t buy anything
only a little mouse
for the lappie i’m using now

price of bunny bedding has increased
expenditure increase again. haiz~

still gotta work tml
do a little photoshoot
and prepare set-up for next monday


was pretty bored during work just now
took quite a lot of pics
this is what we have been doing
for the past few weeks

temporary work station

pretty pink gerbera on my lappie

sis looking at the shoot

our photographer, CK

messy messy place

lovely gerberas

this is wat happens after a cake shoot

i hate those idiots!

went to a private sale yday

didn’t manage to get in
was told that a lot of ppl are queuing
my friends went in early
so they bought a lot of stuffs out
i just choose from wat they bought

jus look at my stash!

woohoo~ 7 items for only $50
jealous mah? haha!
these are really very very cheap!

was suppose to go for my company dinner
wat my mood was really bad
due to wat happened in the morning
oh well~ nevamind~

went out and got some props for photoshoot
2 nice patterned cloth and scrapbooking papers
heh heh~ but i forgot 3 bulbs for tml’s shoot
wat the heck! shall look around for it at home

then had buffet dinner at suki sakura
that sure made me very happy!
i love food~
did i just pay $30 to make myself fat?
gosh! *slaps forehead*


some jap food

scallops and mussels

fried food


the fishy smell is too strong. erk…

dim sum

cakes! yummy!
this is the best part

gotta watch bleach before i go to bed
bye byez~