happy b’lated bday to bro!

treat bro dinner at Ichiban Sushi
was a belated celebration
i’m broke (it’s the end of the mth…)

tuna sushi

Rainbow Delight

fried salmon skin

unagi tamago *thumbs up*

katsu tamago, a must have!

then we went to Gelare for dessert
ordered a mini feast sundae!

honey malt crunch, cookies and cream,
chocolate overload, pistachio nuts,
tiramisu, cappuccino, brandied cherry,
LF chocolate chunk yogurt
comes with fruits too

sis and me

bro is just not cooperative at all
dun wanna take pics with us
so naughty!

‘cornered’ him with 3 phones
heh heh~ how? how?
this shot not bad huh?

3 of us on the bus (blur pic)

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