chalet? hehe…

i’m at the apartment now
feels like having chalet
hehe~ the apartment is pretty

living room

dining area

master bedroom

full glass toilet

below is actually the bathtub
pretty cool huh?
but nobody dares to use that toilet
haha! cos there’s no privacy

this is the room
which i’m going to sleep in with my sis
small and cozy

had teochew porridge for lunch
was so hungry
i realize plain porridge taste good
when you are hungry. haha

lots of side dishes

we only have 1 shot to take today
a very big and important shot

i really dun like this flower
it’s stem or stalk is so thick
eerk~!~ it is hollow…

ended early
then we went for dinner
kway chap, haven had it for a long time

we also had something like
the roast duck wrap

i love my hp very much!

went shopping with sis at bugis
bought a frock for $27.90
had lunch at long john silver
i just wanted to try my hp camera

it really is much clearer and sharper!
woohoo~ money well spent

then we went down to PS
i wanted to put on the Gmask on my hp
cost me $38 and i have to wait for an hour

they did it badly…
why dun they just cut out the button part?
it has so much bubbles!!!
$38 and i get this kind of service. yuck…

it’s really disappointing…
sobz sobz… so ugly!

sis and i went to novena
i bought 1 pair of shoe, 1 pair of slippers
and a purple top from cotton on

lovely shoes~

had dinner at pasta de waraku
i just love their pasta
both of us ordered half-half set
and we shared the pastas



chicken and egg

bacon and eggplant

bacon and potato

carbonara waraku style

i’m so hungry! roarrr~!~

just finished packing my luggage
will be staying over at the apartment
where we will be doing our photoshoot
camping camping~

and did some DIY to my hp
i cut out the Gmask on the buttons
looks so much better now
phew~ glad i saved it

no more bubbles!