have been isolated from the rest of the world
for a few days… heh
i’m turning zombie soon

flowers around the apartment
tulips in my room

pretty flowers, looks like fireworks

change table arrangement everyday

egg tarts for breakfast
crispy skin and yummy egg filling

lunch, curry rice

boss drop by
received a pretty good offer
still considering whether to take it or not

pig organs soup for dinner

ling celebrated her bday with us
though it was belated
we played a prank on sarah. haha

ling’s bday cake

had porridge for 2 meals
that was kind of sad

had donuts for supper

ling bought these 2 days ago
nope, i didn’t have diarrhoea. hehe.

this things looks disgusting
it is like a womb

macdonald’s for lunch

played with a big diamond

took a picture with it on my camera lens

tracy came to visit
and helped us with some shoots
we had dinner together
it was really fun~

plates and utensils

looks like fried kway teow
it is actually beancurd skin
really yummy!

beancurd skin wrap fry pork strips

a dish with lots of chilli!

just look at that! crazy…

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