random musings

Ytf because Korean BBQ tonight.

Chocolate snacks for tea break.

It’s was Bro’s birthday, so here we are. Quality of Daessiksin’s food varies a lot at different outlets. The one at Causeway was meh.

Red bean soup with coconut ice cream.


random musings

To make up for yesterday’s fried rice. This is at AMK Hub’s food court and it’s pretty good.

Finally tried Old Chang Kee’s nasi lemak puff too. Not bad leh, got chicken inside. I wasn’t expecting that.

Just don’t know why got this doughy patch.

random musings

TC tried the new pasta burger at MOS. It looks quite erm… unappetizing. 😂

Love it when my Natsumi Beef is filled with veggies.

There’s still so much cleaning to do in the house.

Dinner. I wanted fried rice but it’s very home-style kind of fried rice with hotdog and egg. Not what I was looking forward to. 😂

Supper. Very long never eat fan choy but this is not nice. The lychee tea drink is very nice!

random musings

Lunch at Subway after running some errands alone at Bugis.

Tried the Mala Xiang Guo at near our new place. Not bad, not bad. Very cheap for the amount of food that I ordered.

More deliveries today.

Feeling hungry after heading back. The corn is very sweet!

random musings

Indian food buffet in the office, good for me to save money since it’s not easy to find cheap food in CBD area.

Out for a Starbucks break alone since I got a little too sleepy while doing some administrative work.

Delivery from Taobao! Still lacking a lot of items for the house though.