tifa’s pen tour . qian xi chinese restaurant

Saw this sewing machine just now. At first I was telling boyfriend that I will just get one that is $200 and below.

But when I saw this… I want to get this instead! Argh!
#Lunch is so #shiok and potent at the same time. It’s so good… the sauces go so well with rice, it makes you finish all the rice.

#claypot #assamstingray #preservedveggiewithpork

Argh. Fat liao.
I realised I didn’t post anything about Tifa’s play area. So here it is!

#rabbit #bunny #playpen 

It’s now opened for her to roam around the room, except the computer desk area at the left side of this picture.
Oh. #tifarabbit just flopped while I was taking pictures. #bunnyflop
This is the other door, we will enter the playpen here when we don’t want to let her out. 

All we have to do is just open the top grid, and go over the lower grid. The top grid is ‘locked’ with the use of a clothes peg.
This cage is her #destruction site.
With loads of cardboards for her to destroy.
Destroyed cardboard sample. Lol. She will just keep jumping in and out of her destruction site in the middle of the night and sometimes if you wake up early, you’ll see her binkying inside.
Aiyooo why you so cute one? 

First time see her like that. Haha! #tifarabbit the #swimmingbunny
Going out for food tasting at Qian Xi. No, I’m not getting married yet, it’s for Sarah’s wedding.
Saw this dog at Bukit Batok MRT Station. I wouldn’t know it was there if it didn’t move. Well-camouflaged.

Qian Xi Lou
Cold dish. The roast pig was good and the ngoh hiang and the abalone salad… everything is good.

Qian Xi Lou
Say no to sharks fin!

Qian Xi Lou
Herbal roast #duck. This is so good, we finished everything except the head of course.

Qian Xi Lou
#chicken. Skin was crispy, must have it together with the plum sauce. All gone within minutes.

Qian Xi Lou
#scallops with #broccoli. Both thumbs up, even though I was super full already.

Qian Xi Lou
Lotus leaf rice. This one I really cannot already. Very full.
So many things to eat… got pork, got chicken, got duck. Seafood got fish, abalone, scallops… Oh got cereal prawns too! Forgot to post that. And, and yam paste! Very nice!

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