Dong Po Colonial Cafe . tifa sleeps on bed

Visited boyfriend’s office today, got view one hor… from level 21 somemore.
Can see Singapore Flyer eh!

Dong Po Colonial Cafe | 東坡茶室
Finally back here for some old school #coffee and #cakes! Because I was feeling sleepy and I wanted some coffee.

That’s the #Butter-fly #cake and #chocolate #tart.

Dong Po Colonial Cafe | 東坡茶室
#chocolate #truffle #cake and optical box (egg sponge fingers with chocolate filling).
#Kitty #cat at Hajj Lane.
 We won something while playing the UFO Catcher. 
But they don’t have the item in stock right now, so we’ll have to collect it another day. Next time I show what we won. Heh heh.

Bonchon Chicken
Trying the Korean #friedchicken, heard this is better than 4 Fingers. 

#Japchae, #glassnoodles with chicken. A little too sweet but it’s good, very fragrant.

Bonchon Chicken
#friedchicken! We ordered the small combo which consist of 6 wings and 2 drumsticks. Soy garlic flavour, there’s also hot and spicy.

I like how it is not overly coated with the sauce, so it wasn’t too sweet and over-powering until you cannot taste the chicken. Very very crispy, now I want to know how they make the batter.
One of the happiest thing that happened today, is that #tifarabbit actually sat beside me while I napped. 

I really did fall asleep for around 30 mins, with one hand beside tifa before I took this picture. So when Tifa moves or licks me, I just have to pet her a little and then continue sleeping. Lol.
Kiss kiss. ♡
She’s so amazing… Filled with lots of love.

Although she can be very very naughty sometimes.

Oh, she actually knows how to just pee in one corner of her litterbox box now. Wow! She’s smart.

We may have to take her to the vet tomorrow, boyfriend saw a red mark inside the ear. Hopefully it’s not a cut and we might as well do a regular check up at the same time.

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