To Chobi!

Boyfriend dabao lunch over. Yeah! Yummy yong tau foo~

And then got somebody to help me carry heavy things from the warehouse too.

Today is going to be a good day. =)

I got a picture of Chobi and me. Too bad boyfriend didn't get included. Lol.

The old team.

Finally met up with Guerlain today! After changing the appointment multiple times.

It's nice to catch up with the small little things with her, although we are close but we haven't really spoken with each other for quite some time.

I do miss the old days. Just chatting over MSN, her sending me 'vulgar' emoticons, complaining about things together…

And then it's sad to hear that she has friends who are jealous of her life… and secretly hoping or imagine that she's unhappy. How could friends be like that?

Maybe I should really plan a trip to go visit her. Maybe can take a ride in her Mini Cooper too. Hehe. Oh well, wait I have money first.

What? It's over already?

Noooooooo….. don't goooooo…

I shall just keep that summarised version in my phone, so that I can just watch it again and again. *still in state of denial that it's over*

Lunch date with Min Ho.

Lunching in today! Healthier and save money too. Plus… …

I'm eating lunch with him leh. Weet weet~

(So what if I'm just watching drama?)

I got to cuddle Tifa yesterday! Oh yeah. She even had her eyes closed for a while. Hehe.

So cute la!!! Cute is a superpower! It allows you to be forgiven for every single evil deed which includes chewing holes on the bedsheet, blanket… wire, cables… basically everything la.

Where’s the cauliflower???

Craving for #steamboat. At first, boyfriend says we can go Thien Kee but I wasn't so interested in chicken rice. I ended up at Seoul Garden, their variety not bad mah, just no pork because halal.

We spend quite a long time there, I even watch 1 episode of drama. Hehe.

Wanted to make lunch for tomorrow. Could you believe that I actually went to four supermarkets to find this? I couldn't find any at all.

Okay, you can read about the benefits of cauliflower from here –

I bought french beans instead. Boyfriend kept laughing. I was like, "Can't you see my heart is crying?" *sad face*

I want curry taupok!

Gone dating… kinda… more like I had to stock up on craft materials.

#CurryChicken #BeeHoon mee, damn shiok. The curry not the super thick and fragrant kind. The chicken is cooked separately but it's very juicy and tender.

The most important thing of all is the #taupok! It's like half tofu, half taupok. Very difficult to explain la but I confirm plus chop is super nice! If they got sell curry taupok only, I sure tabao that one and slowly snack on it.

Glad that the previous white fungus with papaya was out of stock, I had this instead. So pretty lo. I kept looking at the flowers floating around and keep say, "So pretty, pretty~"

I was feeling a little gloomy before I saw this. Now I feel a lot better. Haha. =)

Nice right? Nice right?

Not as high as the sky.

Finally tried this dish! Very cute hor? Especially that #omelette, super fluffy one!! @sarahyong79 must try if you go there!

Guess what I'm here for?


A couple's ROM just ended that's why there are balloons around.

So you'll see views like that…

Or like that… sorry, picture blur. Pay $18 to go up, includes a free beer, wine or spirit.

If you are curious what a non-alcoholic like me would order, I had the white wine. Half of it only. Lol.

I hate it when the bus says it will come in 3 minutes, then the timing change to 10 minutes after that.

Nowadays keep like that one leh. Damn irritating!

Other countries huh… Their trains and buses always come on time one or 90% of the time. If not they will show that it is delayed for xx minutes and then they really will show up after the timing.

This flower is soooooo….. wow!

Had this for dinner. Not mash potato…. it's mash cauliflower. Super delicious! I thought this would taste quite weird initially but I was wrong. This is so much better than potato.

Gotta make this again… maybe Sunday?

Hahha. So cute hor. Had to air dry her ears after cleaning… Holland lop very mafan la, must take special care of the ears.

Just ate a lot! Omg. I'm supposed to 减肥! Just crossed my daily calorie limit by a little.

Yes… I'm back tracking my calorie intake with the Fitness Pal app.

Just prepared my lunch for tml! No oil, low salt meal. Broccoli, quinoa and garlic chicken. Yeah!

I tried some… and that's why I'm looking forward to it, even though I'm very full now. Heh.