These are what I gave him.

For my boyfriend~!

A little Christmas gift – something to take care of and not too much of a burden.

Wrapped up.

With a little message.

As for his birthday…

His new 3-in-1 bag in a bag.

*Gasp* I forgot to take a picture of his checkered green shirt and Tommy Hilfiger polo tee that were wrapped in a cornflake box but with a strawberry and cherry wrapper. Hehe. It was in my luggage already and I was too lazy to take it out.

His birthday card!

The inside. I feel like a genius!

Sealed in a sleeve.

I had to give it to him before his birthday, we wouldn’t want to bring it over to Taiwan and then bring it back again. It will take up too much luggage space.

Hope he likes the presents! =]

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