Taiwan, here we come!

That’s our plane! My best anniversary aka x’mas gift ever, won by boyfriend which he initially was just aiming for the ipad. Greatest boyfriend ever!

Oh, I can’t wait to get on the plane. We’re flying off at 7.30am!

It’s just a small plane but definitely not a budget airline. TransAsia is a more affordable alternative compared to the other airlines.

Moving off!

The sun was bright and I had to keep the window closed at all times.

In-flight breakfast.

Are we reaching?

Plane landed at around 12.30 pm at Taoyuan Airport and now… I’m going to let you all know how we traveled to Hualien with the cheapest way possible.

Walked to the place where bus tickets are sold.

We are going to take the bus from the Airport to Taipei Main Station, bought two bus tickets from Kuo Kuang Hao (国光号), that will be TWD125 for each person.

There no timing, you just have to go outside and queue for the bus. If you missed one, you will have to wait for another 20 mins for the next bus.

Bus berth 5.

With our luggage.

We finally got on the second bus after a long wait and this is how the bus looks like inside. It’s comfy, just like any tour bus.

Safe trip!

You can either enjoy the scenery or sleep because the trip will take approximately 1 hour to reach Taipei.

Oh! That’s their university, the building was so beautiful I have to take a picture but the tress were blocking the view. If only universities in Singapore are just as beautiful, I’ll be so hardworking.

The bus stops outside Taipei Main Station, we went around and eventually have to ask at the service counter where can we get the tickets to Hualien because the Main Station consists of all 3 trains, the MRT, High Speed Rail and the Taiwan Railway. We needed to take the Taiwan Railway to Hualien.

We actually just have to walk inside a little bit more.

You may also book your tickets here earlier if you are afraid that you might no be able to get the timing you wanted. Collect ticket within 3 days if you paid by card, or 1 day if you are going to pay by cash. You can also choose to collect your tickets from the iBon machines in 7-eleven stores in Taiwan, we have not tried it before. **Booking is recommended for peak days, like weekends.

Omg. It’s so grand. Ticket counters are right in front.

Bought tickets for Tze Chiang (自强) train for TWD 440 each. The price does not matter whether you have got seats or not but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be standing during the whole 3-4 hours.

There is also another train called, Chu Kuang (莒光), which may be slower for 1 hour but cheaper.

You have to keep a lookout for the boards so that you will know which platform you have to go to, it’s a little like taking planes. Car numbers are at the ceiling, our car is number 4 and so we have to wait at 4.

Train is here. It comes exactly at at the timing shown on your ticket, so don’t be late!

Luggage on top of your seat.

Taking the train is even more comfortable than the plane.

Spacious, there’s a lot of room for your legs!

This is the bento box (排骨便当) I bought for TWD 100 from the Main Station before boarding. It is also sold on the train for TWD 60 but mine has got more veggies. Boyfriend and I definitely enjoyed the meal!

Here is many of the pictures I took during the train trip.

Camwhored too.

Walked all the way from Hualien Train Station to Taroko 18 Hostel. **Do note that there is a front and rear train platform, you have to find out with exit is nearer to your accommodation before getting out.

This is how our room looks like, just a bed, a small table in the corner and a fake window on the wall. It’s a private en-suite by the way.


Mirror and hairdryer just outside the bathroom.

Tza Chiang Night Market (自强夜市) is near our hostel, it’s about a 15-20 mins walk.

Our first stop!

Many flavours to choose from.

Smoked Chicken Coffin Bread (棺材板).

Comes with a cup of red tea.

Om nom nomm. It was delicious! I kept saying I want to go back for more the next two days but I never did because there are just too many other stuffs to eat.

We tried a honey cactus juice, not too bad.

Supper! Barbeque!

Blood cake (猪血糕) and marinated pork with spring onions. Yum! I like the barbeque sauce they used.

Even tried catching something at the machines.


Got these from 7-eleven, looks too yummy to miss.

And since we got some coupons from TransAsia agency, I got these facial masks at no cost!

More posts about my Taiwan trip soon! =)

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