And so here’s what I did today.

There’s a food court near HP building, it has good Indian food there.

Then I met up with sis for some frog porridge at Chinatown.

Wearing a top that I didn’t regret bringing back from Kampar! It used to be my aunt’s when she was young.

Kampar: Day 4.

This is the usual market we always come for breakfast. Didn’t eat much, suffering from indigestion from yesterday.

Hong Kong chee cheong fun.


Pancake with corn and peanut.

There’s a pasar pagi nearby, nothing much to get.

Bought a few stuffs from the grocery shop around the corner from our house – snacks and bubble gum.

Then Papa was telling us about the signboards on every house, it represents the surname of each family. So ya, this will be our signboard.

Lunch was chicken porridge and a dessert.

Our bus was delayed and we got time to settle down for dinner at the market. The curry chee cheong fun from this stall is surprisingly better than the stall in the morning.

This is how they fry kway teow here, seated on a stool.

Squid kang kong was just so-so.

Some interesting drinks.

“Peng da wan”

Egg with herbal tea. Not bad.

And we’re back in Singapore with an extra 2kgs each.

Kampar: Day 3. It’s all food.

Breakfast has to be my all time favourite curry chee cheong fun.

Wanton noodles.

Look at how thin the wanton skin is, you have to slurp it.

Assam laksa.

Glutinous rice.

Crispy pancake.

Then for some soya beancurd at the roadside stall.

So much better than Rochor beancurd.

Did a little shopping around…And it’s time to eat again. -.-“

Chendol. Real handmade chendol without artificial colouring.

And refreshing coconut juice.

It’s bigger than my head! I think.

Asam laksa!

Oh-so-good! Thumbs up!

Visiting our auntie, sis and i went to get some fried sweet potatoes. You really have to wait because this uncle has got a lot of customers. Good food takes time to prepare, especially when this old uncle has nobody to help him.

He drop one on the floor accidentally and you can hear it go ‘crack’ and the fried flour comes off. So you can imagine how crispy it is.

Dinner was just a plain mee tai mak with tofu. Ate too much today.

Kampar: Day 2.

One of the usual places for breakfast, they have the best curry soup noodles here.

The chilli may look very oily but it’s good. It’s curry chilli, oh-so-fragrant and shiok!

My dry kway teow with the condiments at the back.

Iced milo.

All gone!

Did some shopping at Tesco.

Celebrated my auntie’s birthday at Secret Recipe.

Then for some praying at the house just 1 street away from ours.

Got home and did quite a massive search in my grandparent’s room.

An old Sharp TV console, I wanna have that.

Vintage radio.

Play cards.

Old coins.

Pretty beaded purse.

Yale lock.



My parent’s wedding invitation card.

And of course, a lot of old photos too. We definitely did took time to look through them.

My handsome daddy carrying my grandma up Genting’s stairs.

Favourite fried tofu. The seller will ride a motorbike and stop in front of the house to sell. Yum!

Dinner wasn’t amazing, still Chinese New Year and a lot of stalls aren’t open yet.

We’re in Kampar!

breakfast was just simple, only my mum and i woke up, the rest were too tired. i woke up for the sake of taking these breakfast pictures.

pretty much leftovers, as most people have already taken theirs.

so anyway, the bus driver drop us at somewhere in ipoh and we took a cab back to kampar, mambang diawan. we slept the afternoon away.

visited our aunt and went our with our cousins and distant cousins for a tea break at secret recipe.

introducing a kitty cat from our backyard.

fried jackfruits are always the best here.

my papa’s favourite bananas, apparently you can’t find them here in singapore.

we had one whole salted chicken for dinner, does not really suit our taste buds. in fact, is there salt inside?


the tour bus came around 5.30am and we got the driver to stop at mcdonald’s so that we could get our breakfast.

i got a happy meal set, it’s was more value for money in a way with a toy included.

pictures that i take in the bus were all blue.

we are going to stop by kampar for lunch. i miss this place!

the place for lunch.

my relatives were there too! we got them to help us book bus tickets if possible, so that we could stay at kampar after the trip is over.

lunch is served.


bamboo chicken.



forgot what.

mushroom and tofu.


yu sheng.

and the great news is that there were available tickets. hurray! can stay in kampar!

back on the roads.

stopover for some fruits.

finally at bi long zhuang (碧龙庄).

we have to share the room and beds.

and also the toilet.

where the room is.

went around to take pictures.

at night.

the herbal jelly, gui ling gao (龟令糕) sold was good.

and the herbal chicken soup. yum.

then it was time for dinner, all simple and plain-looking dishes.

went for a short nap and we woke up again for a little snack. hard boiled eggs were sold with a black soup. Too weird and yucky.


after that, we have to walk round and round the whole place at night, to so call… absorb the good energy which is the best during midnight. it was so tiring, imagine not being able to sleep for the night, that is enough to kill me. i can’t survive for not even sleeping for 1 night!

To Malaysia!

Meet up with boyfriend for lunch before I set off to Malaysia tonight.

Boyfriend went smashing at the arcade.


Got home and I helped prepare dinner. Garlic prawns. Yum.


Journey to Johore Bahru begins from Jurong bus interchange. We have to pay $4 each to get on the bus.

Got down at Jusco, it was closing but we still managed to get ice-cream! Cotton candy was delicious.

Staying for a few hours at this hotel until the tour bus comes and fetch us at dawn.

At least the room still looks alright.

We enjoyed supper, cheap sushi from Jusco.

Went out for a walk but shop are already closed. This cafe looks interesting.

Ali cafe.

Soccer field tables.

Chinese New Year eve

I cleaned up the kitchen… and had to open up all the different sugar my Dad bought and fill them in containers, he must have felt that the family is not sweet enough.

Steamboat for our reunion dinner.

Prawn wantons. Slurp!

And this is my special sauce.

Fried our own chips! I spent the whole evening, washing, peeling and slicing them! My finger are all wrinkled due to over soaking in water.

My first ang bao of the Chinese new year.

And we, or rather just my Dad and I, kept the chacoal burning all night, it’s some feng shui thing…

Eat: Feng Bo Zhuan

Had a reunion dinner with my ex-colleagues at Feng Bo Zhuan (风波庄) at Chinatown. This restaurant was recommended by a friend of my boyfriend.

It is a wuxia themed restaurant, you’ll see swords, spears, and signboards of different kung fu sects hanging around.

The wooden tables and benches are also designed alike to the restaurants in wuxia shows, but it does get a little uncomfortable for our group as the tables are small and we had to squeeze together.

The waitresses are called, xiao er (小二), and also dressed in the uniform and we were address as, heroes (大侠). The menu is, secret manual (武林秘籍) and the dishes were named after fighting stances from the different wuxia shows.

When the waitress gave us the bowls, she said it was weapons.

Tea as a replacement for wine (以茶代酒).

Here’s what we ordered.

Ma La Tofu.

Stewed PigTrotters which was so good, we ordered another serving.

Stir Fried Pig Intestines.

Bamboo Chicken.

Big Bone Soup.

The Mantou is very soft and fluffy.

Sweet And Sour Pork.

Glass Noodles which was good but we were already full by then.

Some kind of Salted Egg and Tofu Stew, a favourite for the girls.

It was a very satisfying dinner indeed with lots of humor. Thinking back… A waitress dropped a glassware at the back and while everyone was still curious about it, the other waitress shouted, “有刺客!”, which means there is an assassin in the restaurant. We laughed and we actually aren’t curious about the incident anymore.

Feng Bo Zhuan 风波庄
57 Temple Street
Singapore 058602
Tel: +65 6223 3588
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm