Japan Day 4 – Osaka 大阪: The Instant Noodle Museum 方便面发明纪念馆, Daimaru, Ippudo Ramen 博多一風堂, Mizuno Okonomiyaki 美津の

This is my breakfast. From family mart obviously. Ketchup onigiri with omelette, there’s a little curry sauce inside too.

 photo 08 1.jpg

 photo 08 5.jpg

Yakisoba bun. Really is ‘面’包. It’s quite nice actually.

 photo 08 9.jpg

We got this castella cake from Tokyo Domestic Airport. Hoping that it would be as good as Taiwan’s Honey Cake.

 photo 08 4.jpg

‘Batman’ icon wrapping inside.

 photo 08 6.jpg

Looks really good. This does not have honey. It has a very strong taste of egg in it. Cake is a little more firm.

 photo 08 8.jpg

Nice weather outside.

 photo 08 10.jpg

The garbage truck so cute one!

 photo 09 1.jpg
 photo 09 2.jpg

 photo 09 3.jpg

Our plan was suppose to be Nara Park today but we realised that the Cup Noodle Museum will be closed tomorrow, so we changed plans.

We’re heading for the Cup Noodle Museum instead.

 photo 09 4.jpg

Get down at this stop. Then we have to walk to another train station. Quite a lot of walking to do when the stations are not near.

 photo 09 8.jpg

 photo 09 9.jpg

 photo 09 10.jpg

Buy tickets again.

 photo 09 12.jpg

 photo 09 13.jpg

 photo 09 15.jpg

So many platforms here. Omg.

 photo 10 2.jpg

Cup noodle museum is near Ikeda station.

 photo 10 4.jpg

 photo 10 5.jpg

 photo 10 7.jpg

 photo 10 8.jpg

 photo 10 9.jpg

 photo 10 10.jpg

Almost there.

 photo 10 11.jpg

Photo with the founder of nissin.

 photo 10 12.jpg

 photo 10 13.jpg

Opening hours here. Please note that they will be closed on public holidays.

There are people who can speak english or chinese to guide and give you a short introduction.

 photo 10 14.jpg

Or you could use the guide available.

 photo 10 16.jpg

Take a look around the museum, look at the range of instant noodles that was available throughout the years.

 photo 10 15.jpg

 photo 10 17.jpg

This one cute leh.

 photo 10 18.jpg

Oooh. Yakisoba.

 photo 10 19.jpg

The earliest instant noodles.

 photo 10 20.jpg

The steps to making our own cup noodles.

 photo 10 22.jpg

And we queue…

 photo 10 24.jpg

Now we get our cup. 300 yen which is $3.60 for an experience. Totally alright! If you have no small change, don’t worry. There’s a money exchange machine just beside.

 photo 10 26.jpg

 photo 10 27.jpg

 photo 10 29.jpg

Our cups!

 photo 10 30.jpg

Clean hands with alcohol spray.

 photo 10 31.jpg

Yay! Getting excited!

 photo 10 34.jpg

And we start drawing!

 photo 10 36.jpg

 photo 10 35.jpg

Totally no idea what to draw. Anyhow.

 photo 11 1.jpg

 photo 11 2.jpg


 photo 11 3.jpg

Once ready, we get back in the queue. This time to get our noodles.

 photo 11 4.jpg

 photo 11 6.jpg

This guy got talent.

 photo 11 9.jpg

Long queue ahead.

 photo 11 10.jpg

Our turn to get the noodles in!

 photo 11 12.jpg

 photo 11 14.jpg

 photo 11 17.jpg

 photo 11 16.jpg

Then we have to choose what we want to add inside the cup. There are 4 soup flavours and 10 toppings to choose from.

So we have to choose 1 flavour and 4 toppings.

 photo 12 1.jpg

I chose curry flavour and my choices are…
– Naruto (fish cake) because it’s so cute.

 photo 12 3.jpg

– Egg

 photo 12 4.jpg

– Roast pork

 photo 12 5.jpg

– Garlic

 photo 12 6.jpg

Queuing up to get sealed

 photo 12 17.jpg

 photo 12 18.jpg

Tight fitting.

 photo 12 15.jpg

 photo 12 16.jpg

 photo 12 20.jpg


 photo 12 21.jpg


 photo TC 12 25.jpg

Now we put them in bags.

 photo 12 22.jpg

Puff it up for protection.

 photo 12 23.jpg

Tie it.

 photo 12 24.jpg

And it’s a bag! This place was fun, I recommend everyone to go at least once.

 photo TC 12 30.jpg

Now we shall head back…

 photo 12 28.jpg

Many berries on the trees.

 photo 12 30.jpg

 photo TC 12 35.jpg

Gonna have our lunch at Ippudo!

 photo TC 12 39.jpg

There’s only a few choices.

 photo 12 37.jpg

We have to queue here too.

 photo TC 12 41.jpg

 photo TC 12 42.jpg

Almost our turn.

 photo 12 40.jpg

I like how the Japanese always serves tea before taking our orders.

 photo 13 1.jpg

 photo 13 2.jpg

 photo 13 4.jpg

 photo 13 5.jpg

 photo 13 8.jpg

 photo 13 12.jpg

 photo 13 10.jpg

Ramen is good, above average but I wouldn’t say it was superb.

– – – – –

Off we go again~

 photo 13 13.jpg

 photo 13 14.jpg

To Daimaru because there’s a Calbee shop here, which we thought was something like Nissin too.

 photo 14 1.jpg

The window displays are very interesting to see.

 photo 14 3.jpg

 photo 14 4.jpg

The food level is a dessert heaven. Allow me to show you…

 photo 14 5.jpg

 photo 14 7.jpg

 photo 14 6.jpg

 photo 14 8.jpg

 photo 14 9.jpg

 photo 14 10.jpg

 photo 14 16.jpg

I bought some very expensive honey and honey cake and everything was very nicely wrapped up. Aww~ Thanks to the lady at the booth.

 photo 14 11.jpg

 photo 14 12.jpg

Had some yummy matcha ice cream too.

 photo 14 14.jpg

Bought candies to give out.

 photo 14 15.jpg

The Calbee shop was just a booth, selling very premium and expensive potato chips. There was a crazy long queue, we choose to skip it.

I was sick of holding on to the Nissin bag, so I tied it to my bagpack.

 photo TC 14 6.jpg

And boyfriend tied his too. -.-

 photo TC 14 7.jpg

I got this maple nuts cake from Family Mart. It was yums.

 photo 16.jpg

– – – – –

We traveled back to Dotonburi!

Going to have dinner at the angry man restaurant.

 photo 18 2.jpg

 photo 18 1.jpg

It’s just some fried stuffs on sticks, I don’t really know how to appreciate this.

 photo 18 7.jpg

So you dip the skewers into the sauce before you take any bite out of it. If you need more sauce, use the cabbage to spread the sauce on your food, also one time dip.

 photo 18 5.jpg

 photo 18 8.jpg

I think only the grilled rice is the best out of everything that’s ordered.

 photo 18 4.jpg

The skewers are quite expensive and not filling, so we went to an Okonomiyaki store that was popular on Tripadvisor. The restaurant’s name was Mizuno.

Look at the queue.

 photo 19 1.jpg

It was about a 30 mins wait for us to get to the entrance, which also at this point of time… we realise that the waiters weren’t aren’t very friendly. This is the first time we met with such unfriendly service in Japan and probably the only time.

 photo 19 4.jpg

The waiters would fry the okonomiyaki right in front of us.

 photo 19 8.jpg

We ordered a Japanese yam, Yamaimo-yaki, a special that’s only served during the winter season. And their usual, the Mizuno-yaki. 

The yam was gooey and we’re just not used to the texture, while the usual was just alright. I wouldn’t recommend this place. The restaurant that we went to in Hiroshima was far far better then this.

 photo 19 13.jpg

 photo 19 17.jpg

This was the only best thing we had in the restaurant.

 photo 19 11.jpg

Even the cripsy fried chicken salad, can go wrong… Where is the cripsy???

 photo 19 12.jpg

Strolled around… to see the famous Glico man.

 photo 21 4.jpg

Looks like pufferfish.

 photo TC 18 7.jpg

Shopped at the “Mustafa” of Japan, Don Quijote, or you could call it, Donki. It was a shopping heaven! Must go! This branch here has this ferris wheel looking structure, the other branches have a huge penguin on the signboard.

 photo TC 19 2.jpg

Here are some of the things that I have gotten… like powdered green tea.

 photo 23 1.jpg

Bath salts.

 photo 23 2.jpg

Hair brush and a teeth whitening thing.

 photo 23 4.jpg

Foot masks.

 photo 23 5.jpg

Loads of salonpas. Very good for travelling, especially when we have to walk a lot.

 photo 23 6.jpg

And we thought that it would be nice to have some coffee before heading back. Honolulu, nice place with seats facing the ‘river’.

 photo TC 21 11.jpg

 photo 21 5.jpg

 photo 21 6.jpg

 photo 21 7.jpg

We ordered a chiffon cake, donut and some drinks. So much better than the dinner earlier on.

 photo 21 8.jpg

 photo 21 9.jpg

 photo 21 10.jpg

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