japan day 5. nara park.

Starting my day with a mentaiko bun.

Heading to Nara today, that’s why the train fare is higher.

Usually it will take an hour to reach. If you realise there are certain trains that are normal, express or super express. The express trains will skip certain stops hence it’s faster.

The fee will be the same no matter which train you take.

If you need help, there’s a tourist counter just outside the train station.

They have collectables here too!

There’s a shopping area nearby but we are going to the end of the street or 2 streets for lunch!

Continue on to the next street that’s opposite.

You’ll see these black houses at the end of the street.


Highly rated in tripadvisor for their unagi. So I’m here to try.

Change into slippers.

Got to our table.

Tatami dining.

Prices aren’t on the low side. I’m having the mini-ju set by the way.

Mushroom tempura.

The set with the beef sukiyaki.

Sorry. Didn’t take picture of the price. Lol.

Boyfriend had this.

My mini-ju. Not that mini also because there’s so many other things.

My verdict is that the unagi isn’t really good? The serving of unagi is quite small. Then the eel like don’t have enough to eat, so thin.

I has chawanmushi.

With a leaves.

Those fish ball things in my miso soup very soft. It’s weird.

They have got normal seating too.

The place itself is scenic.

I specially make my way here just to see what’s around the restaurant.

Might as well take a selfie since I’m here.

I wanted to take this picture to show you all buy my camera not cooperating well.

There was a group of people dressed in traditional clothing sitting man-pulled carriages with some drumming going on.

I have no idea what kind of tradition os going on but it doesn’t look like a wedding. Anyway that was quite fun to watch, even the Japanese in the restaurant stood up to watch the commotion.

It’s quite funny because everything is peeking through the small window.

Back to shopping along the street.

See beef.

This beef looks really yummy.

Some zakka shops along the street.

The mochi looks good and they only sell one kind. It must be super good that’s why dare to only sell one flavour, right?

It’s quite good. Has herb in it? It tastes weird initially but it got better when you are used to it.

Crackers looks good but I didn’t get them.

Many deer merchandises.

Cute lehhhhhh!

Must enjoy the scenery.

I love trees. I love going to parks and forests much much more than going to beaches.

Nice fabric print.

First deer I saw hiding behind a huge rock. 😃

There are stalls where you can get crackers for deers. That’s like $2 for a stack of it.

Because even traffic lights look pretty here.

These guys are everywhere and they really follow you for food.

See. Everywhere.

The only deer I see that has horns? But very smelly leh. The fur very matted already, perhaps a old deer.

Many many poop. Have to be very careful when on grass.

This one… paper also want to eat.


Ooh oooh! Here’s my chance!

I stole a few branches from here.

Om nom nom.

Have more. I’ll post the video over here soon.

Lol. It just stood there like a statue.

Walk further down the street.

I don’t know who tried it but sounds like it’s awful.

Eat ice cream.

I say… the matcha ice cream in Nara is better than Kyoto? Because Kyoto’s has a lot of milk in them, tastes a little commercialised.

It gets even more scarier after stepping into this shrine.

The amount of people. 😲
Plus, the amount of deers chasing people. 😲

Get it?

Japanese monk?

This is so cool.

A little bit of autumn here and there.

I love autumn and I embrace every single one of them.

So pretty. 😍

We walked to a main road.

And took a public bus in front of this temple entrance. It was quite fun but I don’t have pictures of the bus. Lol.

Going back.

This is where the train master sits. He’s at the other end…

Go pray pray at this little temple before we have tea.

Famous for the mossy buddha. I guess?

Tea time at Arabiya!

The place where I first realise that I actually like ‘gu niang’ coffee. Lol.

The prices.

We were seated at a cozy little corner.

There are counter seats too.

Website right there. 👉

This looks really really nice.

Black coffee.

Hot chocolate.

And my cappucino.

Okay. The coffees here are light which may mean diluted to many but I like it. It’s like having tea that’s a bit stronger.

Honey toast is omg super good. We really like this. If only I could stuff another one in my tummy.

We had a egg and ham sandwich. Egg so fluffy… damn… I need to know how to make this.

Separated with the other couple so that we can have some moments of our own. They can shop for their own stuffs while we shop for ours.

Found this place for dinner. Highly recommended on tripadvisor.

Tatami dining.


I would say the omu-rice here is old-school. The kind that never goes wrong, like canteen food. Lol.

I wouldn’t recommend thid place though.

2 omurice and a calpris is already SGD$28… Not very worth it if you ask me.

Late night snack!

Mmm… smells very good, tastes good too.

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