Got this reed diffuser without reed sticks from Loft in Japan. Lol!

Ok. I need to find some sticks, so my desk can smell nice nice.

And this is expensive honey from Japan. One small bottle is $18 liao.

And this airplant! Yeah! Probably $9? Already wayyyyy cheaper than those I find in SG.

Lunch was at Carousel.

But I arrived an hour later than the rest because shit happens. A campaign couldn't be launched and I had to make changes to it.

It was still a good meal.

Lots of yummy meat.

Desserts are a must!

I was actually full at the third plate… ended at the fourth plate. So rare sia.

Left office at 10.40pm.

And this is my late dinner.

By the way, I've actually only gained 1kg during the trip! Weee~