Tifa in the office

This was really how I was at work today.

I brought Tifa to office because boyfriend’s place really got too many mosquitoes… I couldn’t sleep last night, have been waking up almost every hour because of new bites…

I gave up sleeping at around 6.30am. Amazing right? 

Need to spray the room with insecticide… so I had to bring Tifa out of the house because the living room still have the smell of insecticide from last night.
She super cute one la. Only need to give her an empty box then she can play very long already… 

Tifa was an angel, very friendly to everyone who comes to see her. She doesn’t hide in a corner at all. And as long as you sayang her, she will kiss you. So easy hor? Anybody also can… haiyo.
You don’t be so cute la~ later people steal you… then how? Hahahaha.

How can something be so cute, friendly and NAUGHTY at the same time huh? How? She’s an angel and a devil… Oh… I think she’s like me. O.o

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