Steamboat at Kat's place!

The variety is lesser this time but I think is better because we always over buy then we always cannot finish the extra food.


Cannot miss out 'louhei', right? And this could be the last one this year…

I'm so tired… I want to rest more before the valentines day craze starts tomorrow.

Tifa is such a darling today… don't know why… she keeps coming up on the bed and sits beside me… gets me to sayang her while she just stays there.

She really keeps sticking to me… even while I was putting lotion on my face, or removing nail polish. She will watch me, then jumps down from the bed and lay down beside me. Or even cuter, sit beside my feet and watch me…

Supper! Boyfriend made this! Yogurt with granola and honey syrup. Very yummy!

Had too much food today, so we decided to get something light.

Although initially, mine wasn't that sweet and I asked him why the honey taste like there but not there until he showed me his bowl. His bowl got more syrup lo! Made him exchange bowl with me. Hmph!