If Tifa is my child, she would be so very spoilt. Which I think she already is. Lol.

Waiting for my super late lunch to be served.

The food here constantly reminds me how bad the food at Manhatten Fish Market is. Those soggy, undercooked fish batter… soggy fries… I never had anything good there before.

Why did it take me so long to come back to Fish & Co.?

Manhatten Fish Market keeps having promos for a reason, right?

Seafood platter, all for me! I was craving for something like… A little bit of everything. Wanted to go buffet initially but the timing wasn't right, no buffets available at that time.

Boyfriend's fish & chips.

We got a really nice, cosy corner seat. Full window view. We could come back again to chill… Heh.

That one is really corner seat. Haha.
And my cardboard bag… =P

There's so many mosquitos aka bloodsuckers in boyfriends place, we don't know why! It's been a few days already…

Just closed all the doors and windows and keep spraying pesticides in the living room… I picked up at least 10 corpses… Can you believe that?

We have been killing at least 3 mosquitoes every night because they like to attack me! I couldn't sleep on Thursday night because of all the itch!

I found this in NTUC yesterday… it's suppose to be safe for all mammals and birds…. It says so on the label.

Still trying not to use it as much as possible but there's just 1 more mosquito that we haven't been able to kill. By the way, it just sucked my blood.

I saw this fabric yesterday and then I spent money liao… not very big… I think just nice to make a small lunch tote for myself. Hehe.

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