Nantsuttei Ramen . River Hong Bao

Saw this on #Viralnova. Ah. Don’t provoke me hor. LOL!
Finally see Tifa today. Miss her so much.
*Muah muah muah!*

She gave me lots of kisses too. Hehe.
Ramen at #Nantsuttei Ramen. I had the Dragon Ramen while boyfriend had Golden Curry Ramen. 

I love it when my ramen has fat fat beansprouts…
So if you like for garlic, you can ask the waiter for ‘Garlic Juice’, then they will give you this set. You just have to press the garlic yourself, work on it!
#Tamago !!! Runny eggs makes me happy! 

I still prefer Hachifukumaru Ramen at Orchard OG. Even though both ramen shops are under the same company but I think different shops are under different chefs.
Went to #RiverHongBao! Super crowded… I don’t understand this craziness, we sat there and waited till it was time for the Money God to drop numbers… The crowd was crazy, people open and overturn their umbrellas trying to get those numbers.
I’m a gold digger. Hahahahahah!
Mint #Converse!
Ding ding candy. Yeah!
Tifa super cute one! She just flopped right beside me, then keep let me sayang her. 

How to not love her? She keeps sticking to me now. ♡.♡

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