Day 34 Monday, 3 Feb 2014

I joined the #FANCL craze today, since it’s 50% off. All FANCL stores in Singapore will be closing soon, due to restructuring. They have no idea when they will be opening again.

I seldom spend so much on skincare, this one a bit heart pain. It better be worth it. If it’s good, I’ll ask boyfriend to get it for me from Japan. Hehe.
Things to get when your throat is getting bad… I better sleep early today. Haiz.

That honey already the cheapest out of the whole expensive lot, you know… 

*sob sob* I spend a lot money today.
Look at what Tifa did. You see la, you see!

Apparently she managed to jump up onto the shelf and started pushing all the things down.

She’s super hyper and naughty today!!!
Pork chop for #dinner! I think they have the best affordable pork chops, Rasa Sayang at AMK Central.

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